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Rome2 +
Collection by: Roz Britanicus
Just Collection of mode to make Rome2 a little better . some better icons , 12 turns per year, seasons , some units, better icons for buildings and reserch. :) hope you like it. the main game remains the same.
4 Seasons w/ 2x Build/Research
Collection by: ♠Toxicwire♠
-WHAT THIS DOES: What this does is lets you have the 4 seasons mod with the 2 seasons build time and research time so you don't have to drag out your game (like me, I like quick games, this won't prolong your game to long or make it to short). You will ne...
nejc's rome collection
Collection by: The Jaeger
BigBadWolf's Unit Pack Selection
Collection by: BigBadWolf
My favourite unti packs
Collection by: Wakks
cody favorite mods
Collection by: longcody
cody favorite mods
Rome Total War 2
Collection by: Marxist Utopia Mamma
Shit for Rome
My Coop Campaign Mod list
Collection by: RookieCookieNamNam #2STRONK
Collection by: ManuEntre
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