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nieuwe voor arthur
Collection by aeron
Johnblue4's collection
Collection by KG.Johnblue4
Mods that i use
Rome 2 Total war Mods
Collection by blackwolf of Dunedan
Collection by VegaTheOmega
This the collections of mods I use during my gaming experince. (All mods might not be up to date)
Collection by jvs
Barbarian Co-op Playthrough
Collection by Koga
Mods that BenTheFourFingered and I will use for our co-op barbarian campaign. Just some stuff to enhance the experience.
Total Realism and Total Graphics
Collection by Hazzard, Publisher of Insanity
This is a mod collection I'm quite fond of, designed for multiplayer. If people show interest I will put up my SP version.
Total War: Rome II Enhanced Edition (My Set)
Collection by Celticus
Hello and welcome to my reccommended mods for Rome II. These mods are centered around enhancing the game in areas where I feel it could use some tweaks and fixes. Some mods will not be available on the Steam Workshop. These mods will be posted here in the...
Collection by mikkelb33
rome op 2
Collection by Academi Xe
just a collection of mods to make rome...even more OP lol
Current Mods
Collection by Koga
Using these at the moment.
rome op
Collection by Academi Xe
persian mods
Collection by Vlad5702
Collection by
mods, just mods
more things greek
Collection by Cato Sicarius
Collection by TheDorian110
Rome 2 mods
Collection by seandarrenlillywhite
Rome 2 mods
SlothFathers Collection
Collection by Philip
the real collection. just as good as victoria secrets spring collection
Collection by predator99
Collection by The Thunder Crotch
Polius' Campaign Collection
Collection by Polius
I've played enough multiplayer games with friends that I'd really like to have this available to hand out when we're setting something up. Mostly these are the little things that I've decided the game needs by way of improvement. Auxiliary Hoplites use...
Mostly Graphical
Collection by Hadrian
Rome 2 Modifications
Collection by The Warmonger
A collection of what I think as the greatest mods for Rome 2 Total War. -Compatibility between them is no guaranteed, check with the creator or in each mod's specifications and info-
Collection by jamesbrown1996
Pen's Rome 2 Mods - November 15th - Patch Whatever
Collection by Penakoto
Mods I am using as of the date posted. GEM is excluded since it has other required steps than just hitting Subscribe and isn't something everyone can handle.
Collection by KurtonzThaNaziBoi
Imperator augustus campaign pack
Collection by Step-hen
This mod pack is for the Imperator Augustus campaign, it’s just a few small tweaks that I feel improves the game greatly. All credit goes to creators of these fine mods. I might add more mods later but only if they all work together (etc.).
Step-hen's UI and map mod collection
Collection by Step-hen
A bunch of map and UI mods that brings alot to the game. All these mods should be compatable and I feel that they bring alot to the game and give you a new fresh experience to the one that CA gave us. I take no credit for ANY of the mods used in this col...
My Rome II Mods
Collection by Xanth™
Rome 2 Total War Mods
Collection by Irishinmeveins
List of mods running for compatibility issues..
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