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Ben Dover's campaign shuffle suggestions
Collection by: Ben Dover
persian mods
Collection by: Vlad5702
Rome II Multiplayer pack
Collection by: Leipter
A Mod Collection for me and my friends.
more things greek
Collection by: SIR.Winter Balthazar
Pen's Rome 2 Mods - November 15th - Patch Whatever
Collection by: Penakoto
Mods I am using as of the date posted. GEM is excluded since it has other required steps than just hitting Subscribe and isn't something everyone can handle.
Collection by:
mods, just mods
Collection by: jamesbrown1996
Rome 2 mods
Collection by: seandarrenlillywhite
Rome 2 mods
Collection by: predator99
SlothFathers Collection
Collection by: SlothFather
the real collection. just as good as victoria secrets spring collection
Illyrian Empire
Collection by: kurtaj31
Illyrian " in today Albanian language means FREEMAN". Illyrian king "Bardhylli" which means "The White Star" in the today Albanian language still grabs Europe's attention.
rome op
Collection by: Academi Xe
rome op 2
Collection by: Academi Xe
just a collection of mods to make rome...even more OP lol
twons radious mod
Collection by: antonadey100
mods compatable for radious n latest patch
KillerKahi's Rome 2 Mod Collection
Collection by: Killer Kahi
These are the mods I commenly use this makes the game very enjoyable and they all work togther very well with no problems that I have found
Collection by: The Thunder Crotch
Step-hen's UI and map mod collection
Collection by: Step-hen
A bunch of map and UI mods that brings alot to the game. All these mods should be compatable and I feel that they bring alot to the game and give you a new fresh experience to the one that CA gave us. I take no credit for ANY of the mods used in this col...
Collection by: dorianmarton
Collection by: Definetly 100% Frankie
Rome 2 mods
Collection by: BenTheFourFingered
Current Mods
Collection by: Eklakh
Using these at the moment.
Collection by: [-RO-] chivu23
Collection by: mikkelb33
Perfect Rome II
Collection by: Treebeard
These are the Mods in which I believe make the perfect Rome II
Total War
Collection by: gk3389127
My Collection
Collection by: Big_Hoss
Coleccion Mods Rome 2 Total War
Collection by: [EDR] Tulkas
Collection by: CI_ R2H_GaryLeon
Mods para Cartago
Charmed Wolf's collection
Collection by: Charmed Wolf
It Seems Like An Alright Game Now
Collection by: Lemons
If you like LOADS of units, LOADS of unlocks, LOADS of better graphics, LOADS of fucking COLOURS, RAWRRR SPARTA. That is all.
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