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Perfect Match
Collection by: maijiang
All mods in this collection are match perfectly, without any imcompatibility. They match my taste in my Total War Rome II game.
Moja kolekcj
Collection by: JEBAC HARCERZUF
Collection by: PPSieg
Collection by: Bud The Wiser
Punisher's Better Gameplay Collection
Collection by: xxpunisher5xx
A collection of mods that I believe to help streamline and improve gameplay realistically.
luca collection
Collection by: lmonix
tutte le espansioni compatibili con vade r
Collection by: KurtonzTheHotSaucyMeatballMeme
Rome 2
Collection by: Varka
Balance but realistic focus, atmospheric mod compilation. Majority are compatible.
Collection Essential
Collection by: pgrIIInyc
Essential MODs that synergize w/ Rome II
Goldy's Rome II
Collection by: MJB
Goldy's Rome II
AJ's Collection
Collection by: Gaius von den Juliern
Best mods for RTW2
Collection by: NGB1WBS
All best mods for Rome 2 TW, and one to make it like Rome 1 TW. Info: Optional Roman Houses: Familiae Romanae [4TPY] & Radious Total War mod.
jgrassili's mod suggestions
Collection by: Leb - #ElectronicIntifada I don't necessarily agree this is the *best* way, but jgrassili does. You don't need all of these mods, use whichever suits your fancy. Also worth ...
Chris/Vlad Rome2mods
Collection by: Cornick
Lars and Me Coop
Collection by: Sk4f4c3
Just for me and Lars
rome total wars
Collection by: yamboy1996
Flaming Parrot Collection
Collection by: Flaming Parrot
Müsliriegels Mod Recommendations Rome II
Collection by: Müsliriegel
So these are the mods that I use. New units, balanced and longer battles, some visuals etc... Nothing OP or unbalanced in here.
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