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ROME II "Must have" Mods
Collection by ΣƑIX
Roundup of the best realistic mods on the workshop. The collection is focus on the grand campaign. You dont have to use them all at the same time you can just pick the one you like but If they are all up to date, they should all be compatible (Using...
Idreaus Collection - Showcase Workshop
Collection by Idreaus
Roma Victrix / Leviath40
Collection by Leviath
L'intégralité des mods utilisés dans ma campagne Roma Victrix.
Inquisitor's Collection
Collection by Inquisitor
Authentic Ancient World
Collection by Hetairos
Hit "Subscribe to all" for the complete Authentic Ancient World experience.
Lionheart's Mod Selection
Collection by Lionheart
Mod Currently Used In My Total War: Rome II Let's Plays Found Here:
TVM - Unit Packs
Collection by .takeR.
Total Unit Pack Collections ______________________________________________________________________________ - All mods compatible with each other - Select 'Subscribe to All' - These packs are large in size, some may require more time than others - U...
Silven Total Improvement Collection
Collection by Silven
This collection currently includes: STIM: Silven Total Improvement Mod STEP: Silven Total Expansion Pack These are my Overhaul and Unit Roster mods, and they are completely compatible with one another. STIM reorganizes some unit unlocks for cert...
SurrealBelief's Mod Collection
Collection by Commissar SB
I utilize a variety of mods to enhance and add depth to the game. Aesthetics are a frequent focus and I will avoid anything that may imbalance the game any further.
Gods Of The Arena - Collection
Collection by Mrmarko
ROME II Total Mod
Collection by [MMI] Tufano
Collection of mods that work together ! I suggest everyone to download UPC for your language at this link:
TVM - Unit Mods
Collection by .takeR.
TVM Mods ______________________________________________________________________________ - Subscribe to all as they are compatible with each other - All mods are compatible with any mod as they introduce new units
Lionhearts Mod Collection for Lets Plays
Collection by Lionheart
Lionhearts Mod Collection for Lets Plays
In Search of Better Days...
Collection by Caratacus
A few top mods that help add a bit of life into the game! Gratitude for all the hard work that has gone into these and I hope you enjoy them too! No compatibility issues thus far. Also, noteworthy yet not on the Steam Workshop, you should absolutely ch...
Collection by Akuru
Akuru- To eternal Rome for the third millennium form the founding of the city Akuru Mods Collection 39 new roman units + battle mods
R2TR Mod Collection
Collection by Rome II Total Realism
Collection of mods released by Rome II Total Realism team.
Total War: ROME II Official Mod Award Winners 2014
Collection by Joey CA
This collection is the official list of the the winners and runners up of the 1st Total War Mod Awards. The winners for the awards are as follows; Best Unit Mod: ChampLoo Gold Unit Compilation- Winner Radious Unit Pack: Rise of and Empire- Commend...
Radious Compatible Collection
Collection by UpNSmoke225
NOTE: If you are subscribed to the Radious Total War Mod, you should not also subscribe to any of the other Radious mods because they are already included. The Radious Graphics Mod is unfortunately not yet in a format that can be uploaded to the Steam Wo...
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