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TVM - Unit Mods
Collection by: .takeR.
TVM Mods ______________________________________________________________________________ - Subscribe to all as they are compatible with each other - All mods are compatible with any mod as they introduce new units
For Gondor
Collection by: Carlos_Speculos
Collection by: GAGAR1N
С этим и играю.
Boicote's Mods
Collection by: Boicote
This collection includes all mods created by Boicote.
Idreaus Total Collection
Collection by: Idreaus
Collection by: mfenix206
My Sparta Mods
Ikeis93's Must Have
Collection by: Ikeis93
Selection of my own favourites mods that you can find in my YouTube channel. ---------------------------------- Selección de mis mods Preferidos que podréis encontrar en mi canal de YouTube. "Ikeis93's Must Have" Campaign:
Mrmarko's Custom Units Collection
Collection by: Mrmarko
This collection is a series of units with extensive reskins & custom textures, these will all be compatible with each other & will be done on a split unit basis. I hope you enjoy. Thanks, Mrmarko.
TVM - Total Cheat Mods
Collection by: .takeR.
Total Cheat Mod Collection ______________________________________________________________________________ - Only subscribe to one mod at a time OR - Subscribe to all mods and activate one mod at a time within the Mod Manager
Divide Et Impera
Collection by: Auriman
Ordoprinceps Rome II Battle Realism Collection V1.1
Collection by: Ordoprinceps
Attention! The collection is upgraded and improved to V1.1 My personal favorites after much research and play. For realism I recommend abel1717 Realistic Legionary Tactics mod which is now a new overhaul that includes Akuru's Pax Romana IV. This overhaul...
Gods Of The Arena - Collection
Collection by: Mrmarko
Collection by: Akuru
PAX ROMANA is overhaul mod, oriented to roman campaign. Provide all roman military reforms from Servius Tulius until Post-Augustian reforms. Include extended garrisons for all factions, battle and economic overhaul. Can be used with any non roman unit mod...
ROME 20/12/13/
Collection by: AlexRoss
+FrozenmenBG+'s Collector's Rome 2 Overhaul Mod Pack Edition Patch v11.0
Collection by: |Sith| [#]+FrozenmenBG+
This is my +FrozenmenBG+'s Collector's Edition working with the latest v11.0 Patchand focused mainly for the Grand Campaign All the mods are working together and without crashing at the first loading into the game !!!! My main Goals in this Col...
DarrenTotalWar's Graphical Enhancement mods
Collection by: Darren Darren picks his favourite graphical enhancements for TotalWar Rome II that work well with eachother. These include: removal of arcade effects, higher quality textures, unit redesigns and UI improvements. All of these ...
TVM - Unit Packs
Collection by: .takeR.
Total Unit Pack Collections ______________________________________________________________________________ - All mods compatible with each other - Select 'Subscribe to All' - These packs are large in size, some may require more time than others - U...
Lionheart's Mod Selection
Collection by: Lionheart
Mod Currently Used In My Total War: Rome II Let's Plays Found Here:
Best collection of the best mods 04/04/2014 Update
Collection by: Egon Gord
04/04/2014 Update Deleted all old and incompatible mods . Added Divide et Impera . The remaining modes are fully compatible and complementary to the game just All the modes can be set via subscription Should pay attention only GEM Graphic Mode
Historical Development sub-mod for Divide et Impera COLLECTION
Collection by: yukishiro1
Collection by: itleonard
THE BEST ROMAN LEGION MOD YET!!! NO CLONED LEGIONS!!! This mod will add 20 unique custom legions to Rome. The customization will be more complex than just tweaking the unit color db chart or just adding shields to cloned kaziles units as all other ...
Dresden's Rome 2 Total War Mods
Collection by: Dresden
This is a collection of all my mods available on the Steam Workshop. Some of these are small changes, others are larger in nature. A few of the mods will not be compatible, especially when attempting to do the same thing. For example, the 2TPY and 4TPY...
Radious Total War
Collection by: Radious
Complete game overhaul mod, which offers to players big changes in campaign AI, diplomacy, land and naval battles, adding new units, new abilities, changing buildings, re balancing all unit stats and costs, reworking experience system and much more. Mo...
Roma Victrix / Leviath40
Collection by: Leviath40
L'intégralité des mods utilisés dans ma campagne Roma Victrix.
ROME II "Must have" Mods
Collection by: ΣƑIX
Roundup of the best mods on the workshop. All compatible all tested. * Patch 8 Ready 4TPY Tweak and gameplay modification. Graphical improvement. Extended roster * The extended rosters and reskin might conflict with each other on some units it...
Silven Total Improvement Collection
Collection by: Silven
This collection currently includes: STIM: Silven Total Improvement Mod STEP: Silven Total Expansion Pack These are my Overhaul and Unit Roster mods, and they are completely compatible with one another. STIM reorganizes some unit unlocks for cert...
SurrealBelief's Mod Collection
Collection by: Surreal
I utilize a variety of mods to enhance and add depth to the game. Aesthetics are a frequent focus and I will avoid anything that may imbalance the game any further.
Magnar Mod
Collection by: Magnar
Magnar Mod is a complete overhaul of Rome 2 that focuses on historical accuracy and realism. Magnar Mod v2.3 updated 12 Feb 2014 - new Iberian units, plus Roman Socii and Auxilia, seasonal effects and culture specific army stances. This mod is optim...
Collection by: Akuru
Akuru- To eternal Rome for the third millennium form the founding of the city Akuru Mods Collection 39 new roman units + battle mods
Radious Compatible Collection
Collection by: UpNSmoke225
NOTE: If you are subscribed to the Radious Total War Mod, you should not also subscribe to any of the other Radious mods because they are already included. The Radious Graphics Mod is unfortunately not yet in a format that can be uploaded to the Steam Wo...
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