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R2TR Mod Collection
Collection by: Rome II Total Realism
Collection of mods released by Rome II Total Realism team.
Collection by: Mayor McCheese
Collection by: LoC_TR
MyPro Roman
Collection by: Ron Burgundy
A pro Roman and Major Fraction Pack
Richard Stands' Greek improvement mods
Collection by: Richard Stands
A collection of all my mods involving Greek improvements, title says it all.
Hobbes Mod Selection for a Fun and Immersive Campaign (as any faction)
Collection by: Hobbes
This is a mod selection in which all of the mods complement each other in making the game fully balanced and fun. All of the mods are compatible and include changes for better in almost every part of the game. You had problems with a certain part of the...
Mods Total War: Rome II
Collection by: {T.B °~N} =MarcWarX=
Photo :p (mdr pour toi ma poule #N) Voici les mods que je pense être les meilleurs pour total war rome II, expérience de jeu néttement amélioré. Je l'ai utilise perso..
jk_bonn Rome II
Collection by: Arakus
Icon Mod for Radious Mod additional units in NORMAL style v1.0 This is the first version of my icon mod for the additional units in RADIOUS MOD. In this first release are only the additional units for Rome which are not already in the icon mod of...
Vanilla Improvements for Korean
Collection by: MAHARBAL
Based on patch 13 (until pirates dlc patch) This is light and pretty effective to make vanilla totalwar more enjoyable. This Includes korean translation patch, if you can't read korean, just disable korean translation patch. 최대한 바닐라...
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