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Vic's collection
Collection by: Victor
Pocketful of Ninjas
Collection by: BruteTartarus66
I noticed while looking through the workshop that most of the games featuring Ninjas were underrated and often overlooked... So come on down and play some of these games, I bet you'll enjoy them!
Andrew's maps
Collection by: Andrew5545
this will be the collection of games I will have made over the years...
A.S.K Games
Collection by: Akerty
All the games that are available on the Game Maker Studio Steam Workshop, that are made by A.S.K Games.
Collection by: GriBan
Програмирование как искусство!
Collection by: AlexGur
Уважаю одаренных мекеров!
Jman's Games
Collection by: Jman88s
This collection is full of my Game Maker: Studio workshop items I've created. If you have a suggestion for a game, please comment.
Best GM games in history
Collection by: Astral Android Armada
Games that should be remembered through history as the most remarkable games of all time!
Key Games! \ o/
Collection by: Keys
All Key Games! \ o/
Fractal Recursion Effects
Collection by: Gargansa
Collection of Examples of Fractal Recursion. Fractal lightning uses a script to create part of a strand and then within the script it calls the script again to continue the strand. at the end of the main branches of lightning it calls a different scrip...
Collection by: Pichu
Games made by members of 4DEVGAMES
Space Guard
Collection by: e-wok345
This is Space Guard. Where you move around on wrecked ships rescuing people! Each part deals with a different situation. Controls: WASD: move (once you press a button it will move in one direction until you change direction.) Bump into things to inte...
Pixel Dragon Inc.
Collection by: Thunderdragon39
This is collection of games made by Thunderdragon39. Enjoy!
The 2nd World War
Collection by: bmerica
The complete "The 2nd World War" game series.
Collection by: MegaVideoGamer1000
Rockkong's box of random stuff
Collection by: rockkong
Just a personal collection. Not for making stuff
Collection by: Boon101083
Space game
Collection by: DXLf0re
Space games
Collection by: Saint Hugo
Collection of Hu9o
Iphicles Tower Defense
Collection by: *******
As the mortal twin-brother of a legendary hero, Iphicles must have felt like a secondary character in his own life. With hours of fun, we invite you to discover his version of the Greek mythology. In 12 different levels of Tactical Tower Defense gamin...
Green man wants his gold
Collection by: [BA] Fus Ro Da
Give the green man his gold!
GearsWorks Projects
Collection by: Gears God
This is where I post mostly complete projects.
Collection by: 9Strike
1 und 2 Spieler 2D Spiele
World War 2 War in the West
Collection by: String
The collection of the War in the West series. Will contain all games on the Western Front.
Crackshots Collection
Collection by: Crackshot
This is my collection of game created in Game Maker: studio
Breakout Reborn Master Collection
Collection by: Keydose
This collection includes Breakout Reborn and all additional add-ons Breakout Reborn is a modernized clone of Breakout for Atari and is constantly being worked on until release
Black Ball
Collection by: YarikRL
Collection by: DXLf0re
Todo lo que creado
troll war game
Collection by: Venom
Danny's G.M. Stuff. (And Dolphins!)
Collection by: DolphAS2-HeartsAsStrongAsHorses
Just some new-ish G.M. games. Nothing spectacular. And this excludes my old stuff. I've found Flash serves me better, so I've moved on from using this except for little projects... heh heh.
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