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Mini Game Projects
Collection by: MisteriosM
Collection by: athelstanjcarlton
word friend kft
Collection by: zeromarcell
aktion word zrt
Collection by: zeromarcell
Collection by: inoringapp
games only
Shadow Dimensions
Collection by: Rosden Sh4dOw
This pack contains all of Shadow Dimensions games
nos ninja of sin
Collection by: gamzeesolluxkarkat
Game`s For Fun Only
Collection by: For Sale
Play Game For Fun
Collection by: TheEgb
Game maker
mes jeux
Collection by: kharbaal
Collection by: GriBan payday
Meine Werke und geile Spiele
Collection by: TheWizard
Ist halt einfach meinz und geile Spiele
Self and Friends
Collection by: djyatta
Aqui coleciono o que tem de bom e melhor de coisas feitas por mim e/ou por amigos meus!
Collection by: Nadooshi
Проекты разработаные мной совместно с братом. Это игры, разные графические тесты, прочие программы... короче незнаю что тут будет, но это буд...
AARSH Produtions
Collection by: Andersonic
Simpelis Gebrabel
Collection by: mistercraftingcake
Hier Kommen Meine Einfachen Spiele Rein.
My Games
Collection by: irasavatgy
Doflamingo Games
Collection by: Doflamingo
Games that I made
Collection by: ramazan_bala_11
Collection by: Tontodile
Games made by members of 4DEVGAMES
Collection by: HalendirTheDane
beta testing
Collection by: sa-MMXIV*senior
sample files and software examples
Collection by: Order Order
muh shoahs
'Limitless Skies' Collection
Collection by: Sav01027
A collection of all games in the 'Limitless Skies' franchise. 2d platformers make with the free version of GameMaker. Play them all today! Games included: -Limitless Skies -Limitless Skies Demo
Space Guard
Collection by: e-wok345
This is Space Guard. Where you move around on wrecked ships rescuing people! Each part deals with a different situation. Controls: WASD: move (once you press a button it will move in one direction until you change direction.) Bump into things to inte...
Pixel Dragon Inc.
Collection by: Thunderdragon39
This is collection of games made by Thunderdragon39. Enjoy!
Epic Runner
Collection by: King David II
Controls Player: Arrow Keys Enemy:WASD keys Objective: Player must survive in the area for 3 minutes to win. If the enemy touches the player, the player is destroyed and the enemy wins. Requires 2 players.
Steam Community
Collection by: Kilrymont
A quickstart collection of promising titles, having just bought the Pro-Version of GMS like 30seconds ago. First up is "Call Of The Wild" mainly due to the instantly Eye Catching Style & Genre (Advenure). Now I'm going to get some sleep, it's close on 3am...
Mike's Collection
Collection by: labryinth21
Atlantis Prod EIRL
Collection by: mclodo
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