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Collection by: Delegate
Games made by members of 4DEVGAMES
Space Guard
Collection by: e-wok345
This is Space Guard. Where you move around on wrecked ships rescuing people! Each part deals with a different situation. Controls: WASD: move (once you press a button it will move in one direction until you change direction.) Bump into things to inte...
Collection by: GriBan и мяуки
Shadow Dimensions
Collection by: Rosden Shadow
This pack contains all of Shadow Dimensions games
aktion word zrt
Collection by: zeromarcell
Collection by: Jman88s
This collection is full of my Game Maker: Studio workshop items I've created. If you have a suggestion for a game, please comment.
Johnny's Micro Games Collection
Collection by: BrokenEntity909
A collection of my small games. Usually you'll find tiny projects in here, like {Jetpack John}, {Rotator}, and Shoot 'N' Gun.
Collection by: zsvadasz73
GameMaker: Studio game collection
Collection by: LOW* Sin
Key Games! \ o/
Collection by: Keys
All Key Games! \ o/
A.S.K Games
Collection by: Akerty
All the games that are available on the Game Maker Studio Steam Workshop, that are made by A.S.K Games.
Best GM games in history
Collection by: xXfirelXx
Games that should be remembered through history as the most remarkable games of all time!
GameMaker: Studio Collection
Collection by: Mantum
All The GameMaker: Studio Games!
Програмирование как искусство!
Collection by: ГУРчик
Уважаю одаренных мекеров!
Fractal Recursion Effects
Collection by: Gargansa
Collection of Examples of Fractal Recursion. Fractal lightning uses a script to create part of a strand and then within the script it calls the script again to continue the strand. at the end of the main branches of lightning it calls a different scrip...
The 2nd World War
Collection by: bmerica
The complete "The 2nd World War" game series.
Fruit Puzzles
Collection by: Atlas
This is the fruit puzzle pack. All of the fruit puzzle levels are here.
Collection by: Fezalion
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