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R1 Collection
Collection by: R4ZER [RGBD]
My Eets Munchies puzzle collection =)
Eets Munchies Achievements
Collection by: νεпσм
Hi guys, this collection helps you getting a lot of achievements in Eets Munchies.
My Eets Munchies Workshop Items
Collection by: Tribe 7 | EpicV3ng3anc3
theese are the things I made on Eets Munchies
Angry Brain
Collection by: Michu :D [PL]
CriticX LvLs for Eets Munchies
Collection by: CriticX
Мои скромные творения по игре Eets Munchies, в основном не сложные!
Eat Munchies Intellect Pack
Collection by: NegativeFox_[Ukraine]
English: This 1st of 2 packs of puzzles. These puzzles are designed for mapping logical things to satisfying end result. Feed the poor Eets and then just hungry, and feed the same time your brain. Good luck in the game! Sincerely Negative Fox! ...
My Eets Munchies Maps
Collection by: Sir Useless
My Eets Munchies map collection, I'll make more puzzles when I feel like it.
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