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Built for modding from the ground up, Cortex Command supports a community of talent whose quality work can be enjoyed here: actors, items, vehicles, scenes, game modes, tech factions - you name it!
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Collection by: Major
A collection of four mods that are based on the same timeline and theme that work nicely together. They're all vanilla balanced and fairly complete, ie: containing a full tech's worth of guns, craft, actors and bombs.
Collection by: LoPi - Tatuzudo
There it is, two techs for you! Hunters and Biohazard! (work still in progress) I would like to thank all the people who made tutorials for CC. Links for the tutorials and information I used to make this mod:
Prison Escape Series
Collection by: TheLastBanana
This collection contains the Prison Escape trilogy of missions for Cortex Command. Play as Dafred, the commander of the Ronin army, and escape from a Coalition prison armed only with a shovel. Fight, sneak and dodge your way through three action-packed...
Modded Factions
Collection by: Old Man Paul
I've decided to collect all the faction mods and put them in an easy to download collection. Feel free to single some out, but I tend to like variety in my gameplay.
Space Marine's Coalition Reskin's pack! (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)
Collection by: Soda Marine
I made these skins my self! If you got any ideas on what should i reskin next put it up on my profile page! Now you can play with 4 Coalition factions i All 4 team colors and have fun! So here is a little bit of info about these Factions Terrorization ...
Pie Menu Stuff
Collection by: Magatsu Izanagi
The Pie Menu Stuff series that sorta coalesced as I uploaded the different mods can all be found here.
Cortex out of the box balanced.
Collection by: . ҉ Light (Ace)
This is a pack with all the balanced races. P.S. None of these mods are mine, I am simply trying to put together a compliation of mods that work with balance!
Chuckapony's Favourite Cortex Command Addons
Collection by: Chuckapony
dragonxp's Mods
Collection by: dragonxp
All mods that I have uploaded to the steam workshop.
Mods that fit into CC
Collection by: brak
This is Just a collection of mods that i think would fit in to the Cortex command universe. (the Picture is from the Unitec mod.)
Space Marine's Browncoats reskin pack
Collection by: Soda Marine
A strong Special force groups who are fearsome when confronted up-close. What they lack in range is made up for in durability, allowing them to close distances while soaking bullets. I have to say it took me quite a bit to do the character textures ...
alcachofas en vinagre
Collection by: Mystogan
ModsBackup for Modding
Collection by: Darfiss Brainiacis
Modding Backup
Collection by: Darfiss Brainiacis
Back From the Dead: Revitilized Mods
Collection by: Lobsterman
This collection will be composed mainly of stuff that has been updated to work with this version of Cortex Command. Make comment for what types of mods you'd like to see re-added to the workshop! Almost all credit is due to the original authors of the...
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