Drunken Robot Pornography
Drunken Robot Construction Set
Your friends want you to build giant robots and set them on your other friends. Weld together 30-story-tall beasts. Give them shielding, lasers, plasma cannons, and particle beans. Beams. Whatever. Imbue your creations with motion, and then create arenas to house them. Click here to learn more.
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Ivan's Drunken Robot Pornography Drunken Robots and Maps
Collection by Frostvane
My set of DRP Titans and Maps
Ama Ki "Mirage" Set
Collection by Ama Ki Ellikayara
My first time working with the titan / arena creation kit for DRP. Just a small, short, and simple fight between you and the Mirage Prisms.
The Pattented league of sophisticated Lads and Ladies
Collection by Robert Loggia
Goodevening sirs and madams, Welcome to the pattented league of sophisticated Lads and Ladies, the Finest, and i mean absolutely Finest, group of murderous, and well-manered robots in the history of sophistication. our league consists of: -Hermes ...
Robots™ By Inga
Collection by Blackpanther
The Robots I have either made for fun, or in my speedbuilding videos.
Kollektion Drunken Robot Pornography
Collection by Shadow Knight
Bester Name EU?
Dapper Pack
Collection by Destijl
I think it's best if you and I both stop beating around the bush here. So let's be frank. Your drunken titan battles? They need more class. You can't keep running out of bars and start shooting at the nearest Titan every time you get a bit tipsy and someo...
Collection by The Creator Of Space
This is my collection of Pokemon Titans. I'm not working in any order, and I tend to favour fully evolved Pokemon. That being said I AM A TERRIBLE MAP MAKER OH GOD. So yeah.
The Robotic Pornography
Collection by Jake from State Farm
All of my Drunken Robot Pornography (DRP) mods
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