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Collection by xoxo
Torchlight 2 Mods
Collection by Grimar
Synergise, high loot 8 players with buyable respec potions and new pets!
R&W RP-Pack
Collection by Iksman
This pack was made for private use on a server on which me and my friend play, but now you can use this too! This pack includes a few mods that make the game more fun, but don't alter it's difficulty too much. I hope you like it!
Necessary Torchlight 2 Mods
Collection by Gravelord Candle
Awesome, Non-Game changing Torchlight 2 mods that fix oddities, or add in options that should have been present in the base game [In my own opinion]
Friend Kollektion
Collection by LightShining
Essential Torchlight Mods
Collection by Frougie
Great games
Collection by Lennart Stek
Winters 2
Collection by Yushin Maru ツ
Collection by oolioddrooonbboiloo
Collection by DuAlity
My pack with TL2 Synergies mod and more....
Collection by slfc [FR]
My pack of mods for more fun with new classes and an UI more efficient 1- Salan's mod with the Necromancer class (paladin and warlock too) : Synergies mod 2- UI, inventory, craft, potions mods..
Torchlight II Mods
Collection by Disturbed Blue
Torchlight II mods
Torchlight Enhanced Edition
Collection by Chefkoch45
Besseres Spielerlebnis
Link's Setup
Collection by Link
Just my setup
Trial collection
Collection by Divy
Just trying out a collection to share with people I play with
Collection by jmonroe722
Collection by Reflux
Torchlite2 essentials
Collection by Anakat
must have mods for torchlite 2
Mejores Mods (En mi opinion)
Collection by Kuiki
Yo pienso que esta es una de las mejores combinaciones de mods que se puede tener en Torchlight II
Quick Torchlight 2 modpack
Collection by >_> [Darkitz] <_<
Just a quick Torchlight 2 MODPACK
Collection by Bear Grills
Collection by Zardica
The collection for me and my friends when we play Torchlight II, simply suscribe to all and get playin'. Suggest any mods to make the game more fun, by don't suggest any "Cakewalk" mods.
Syns mods
Collection by Unknown
Collection by yoitsdempsey1
Torchlight 2 Mods
Driscoll Official
Collection by Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
It's uhh... What I use.
Collection by saidacan
I likey
Collection by PodMaster
Current mods in use.
Collection by Valdyr
Just made this for friends, incase we play together.
Upgrade to Visuals and Basics without ruining the Vanilla taste!
Collection by DeadlyTalent
This is a collection of mods that I play with. I chose to focus on visual, sound and overal minor upgrades to the game that will increase the beautiful art style that Torchlight 2 already has in place. I try my best not to add something to this collecti...
Til seb
Collection by Qufios™
Til seb
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