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Here you can find mods that allow nearly unlimited customization of Torchlight II. Use the GUTS Editor to change almost any aspect of the game and share your creations with the community. Click here to learn more.
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Nathan you scrub
Collection by Supa Hot Fire
stuff for the thing
Micheal Banana's Favorite Modifications
Collection by ★zregeM
He likes them like he enjoys describing his condition of AIDS
Fuckboi 2k12 TL2 modpack
Collection by Angrybearboy
Some shitty mods for faggots
Collection by Weekend Warrior
Mike's Torchlight 2 Mod Collection
Collection by △Hróðvitnir▽
My Torchlight 2 top 10 mods
Collection by Triscuit Foxxx
Blakes Torchlight
Collection by BlaKe
Best EU
Volfire x Kiyfire Mods
Collection by Master Volfire-
Mods for multiplayer torchlight Team Ups
Collection by TheCrown
Torchlight Favorite Mods
Collection by Al Sah-Him
Torchlight 2 Mods
Collection by Android ☢
For the bros
Modpack for my friends.
Collection by ViVa
Zoey's mods list for Torchlight 2 :)
Collection by
Jack Jasra eigene Torchlight 2 Kollektion
Collection by Jack von Riva
Test collection; please ignore
Collection by That Fulvio Guy
Collection to give my coop party an easy way to install the mods we use/
Fluff Mods
Collection by Science In Progress
This is so all the fluff people who want to play together can sub to a single thing.
[TED] Mod Choices.
Collection by breach
Mods chosen for guild so we know what to use. :s
TL2 Mod List
Collection by Takeda Jin
Place them in this order: Awesome Classes Reborn Far East Preview Pack 2 Far East Pack 1 Torchlight II Essentials 10xGold+2xExp LAO 2.0 SynergiesHIGHLOOT SynergiesMOD
Malt Shop Boy Mod Heap
Collection by Doc
This is a collection for people that I play with mostly for ease of access. But feel free to use them too ;D
Balance Pack
Collection by CV514
Two separate modpacks from mamba, general gameplay improvements and rebalance with few visual modifications. Load order: 1-8. Any other modifications. 9. Extended Mod Merge 10. Core Mod Merge Full list of included stuff (notes in brakets is chan...
Great UI Mods + some sweets
Collection by NET.poiZon
* 7 greatest UI mods * Ember Gem Upgrade (v.9) * Helpful Narrator (v.2) * Respec / Restat Potion
Torchlight 2 DoubleTap's Server
Collection by DoubleTap
Stormknight Pack
Collection by Stormknight
Collection of mods for multiplay. Mod Load Orders: 1. SynergiesHIGHLOOT 2. LAO 2.0 Chaos Edition 3. Arkham's Armory 4. SynergiesMOD Compatible Torchlight 2 Essentials 5. SynergiesMOD Effectively the following compilation, but without the Far Ea...
Fav Mods.
Collection by KarisxmatikO
Torchlight II
Collection by wizzzzardo
Mods til Torchlight
Additional Classes: Future Additions Collection
Collection by Vsuchinoko
This is a public collection to keep track of what I will soon add to my mod pack Additional Classes once the mods are compatible and are well developed. Not just classes but also mods t...
Improved Torchlight II BALANCED Experience
Collection by Kicksaw
Only most important stuff here. Balanced class, quality of life, synergies changes - too make you feel you play fair game instead of totally easy one. Collection Mod Order [same as below]: Balanced Class Pack Synergies ALL LAO 2.0 Ark&RiP A...
Torchlight Rates x2, x5 & x10
Collection by Silver
___RUSSIAN___ Коллекция содержит модификации увеличивающие колличество получаемого золота, опыта и славы (Fame). Я создал рейты для коллекции Mas...
Nick's Picks
Collection by N1X0R2K
Just the stuff I use personally Thanks to all the authors that did such a great job!
Those Guys From Team Super Awesome Torchlight 2
Collection by CoconutLF
Just for us basicly
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