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Here you can find mods that allow nearly unlimited customization of Torchlight II. Use the GUTS Editor to change almost any aspect of the game and share your creations with the community. Click here to learn more.
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TL2 Synergy Collection
Collection by: Kryptic Death
Selected Mod Order: LurkerHUD PrettyDamage Torchlight II Essentials Character Pack Enhanced Retex part A Enhanced Retex part B LAO v1.0d High Drop Rate RnFs Skill Spells v1.3a High SynergiesHIGHLOOT SynergiesMOD
Improved Summons
Collection by: Anonanon
Summon spells have been rebalanced for a less frustrating experience. • Cooldown timer have been reduced to a mere split second to allow quick recasting • Pets have a separate cooldown timer of 30 seconds to avoid spamming behavior • Life...
Torchlight 2 Multiplayer Community Mod Collections (Synergies and Essentials compatible)
Collection by: fly790420
This collection consisted of the most essential mods together to create a hell lot better and fun game experience than the vanilla Torchlight 2 without you missing out much of the original experience. The other reason for this mod pack is to have more peo...
Improved Engineer Summons
Collection by: Anonanon
The Engineer's bots have been readjusted to be even more efficient. • Cooldown timer have been reduced to a mere split second to allow quick redeploying • Life duration no longer have artificial caps, they will fight for as long as they live ...
New Characters and Classes
Collection by: LordZtorm
A collection of other creators new Characters and Classes for Torchlight 2 (Not tested, just added for ease of finding and keeping track of related mods)
Collection by: [8BT]Zerel96[8BT]
Coleccion de Mods para Torchlight 2 [VERSION NORMAL]
Torchlight 2 Enhanced - Full
Collection by: Johnny
Improves Torchlight 2 without changing or breaking the original vision; maximizing content. This collection is essentially the real Torchlight 2 Enhanced, as the cap on steam workshop means I have to split up files - instead of splitting it up - I deci...
Enhanced Retex (Complete)
Collection by: Thoughtcrime
**Please rate (especially if you like it) these mods so other people can see them. There are lots of subs, but less than 2% of subscribers have rated. Please support the modding community by rating good mods!** Both parts of Enhanced Retex (A & B). E...
SynergiesMOD the OFFICIAL collection
Collection by: Salan
This is the official SynergiesMOD and all the Official mods released by myself that go with it to tailor the experience to what you would like in a full conversion. HERE ARE THE CURRENT WAYS YOU CAN USE THIS COLLECTION: Prioritize order#1: (how i...
Wartinald's Mod Collection (TL2)
Collection by: Wartinald
Here is my personal collection of Torchlight 2 mods. Includes all kinds of mods, as HUD modifications, classes, armors, graphic improvements, new pets, weapons, characters... Enjoy!
Bandit's Mod List
Collection by: Bandit
This collection is my personal favorites and the load priority I use. Using this collection will do several things: Bandit's Dungeon-Master + basefile is a one stop solution for multiple mods. It is an equivalent of synergiesHighloot while also includi...
Adventure pack II collection
Collection by: Krekkle Stroogun
Features + Two new acts + Seven new side quests + A lot of new challenge/treasure maps + Four "invincible" bosses + Four new pvp levels + More than 100 new areas to explore, from dark forests to deep catacombs. + Epic bosses + New enemies and...
Collection by: [8BT]Zerel96[8BT]
Pack de MODS para jugar con toda la comunidad española [VERSION SYNERGIES] {AVISO} El mod synergies esta en ingles, ademas no es mio, todo el merito va para su autor. Mas informacion en la pagina del mod.
Super-Colliding Super Collection
Collection by: Super-Colliding Super Button
Für Freunde und Familie.
Quality Mods Selection (by TorchEsp)
Collection by: Matchet
An exhaustive selection of best quality mods for TorchLight II, suggested by our moderators and by our community support in our Steam group TorchEsp. Unbalanced mods are avoided. You can suggest or support new mods to add, in our community thread http:/...
Someone Else's Custom Classes
Collection by: Someone Else
My custom classes.
Torchlight 2 Quick Revamp
Collection by: Snow Crash
Pretty good revamp to the vanilla game. Adds a good selection of classes and pets. Multitude of gameplay changes including: the ability to fully respec, more varied dungeons, easier to read and more intuitive interface, and better loot.
TORCHLIGHT 2 - Best Mods Pack [ FR ]
Collection by: [CPC] NoVaCoRpS
BiG Hawngry's Ultimate Torchlight 2 MOD list
Collection by: BigHawngry
These are the 10 mods you need to have the ultimate Torchlight 2 experience. THEY ARE LOADED IN THIS EXACT ORDER This collection effectively adds an infinite amount of items. solid difficulty, & plenty of solid class selection.
Eds Torch Compilation
Collection by: Ed94
This is a work in progress collection of all the mods I would ussally use for torchlight 2. These mods do not make the game easier, in fact it should be harder and should enhance whats already there without adding that many new gameplay mechanics. There a...
GEM+ - Game Enhancement Mod Plus
Collection by: SnowGhost
ABOUT This collection aims to complete the original GEM modification for TL2 by adding the mods that it was designed to be played with. Also, keep in mind that this was designed to be played on 'Elite' and please give a thumbs up to all of the mods inclu...
kriss_gjeng's Mod Collection
Collection by: Kriss_gjeng
collection of my mods: level and fame mod, ember gem upgrade, rejuvenation recipe, Human Followers, etc
Über Enhanced Gameplay
Collection by: Vespuria
Various mods put together in order to enhance your singleplayer and, if you wish, your multiplayer experience. All credit belongs to the owners of their respectful mods. I own none of these. Pick what you want or download them all, most importantly have f...
All them mod's
Collection by: Olian04
These mods are all you need, and include all the good mods on steam. Includes 85+ different mods! Including the Synergies Core mod ---Torchlight 2 Essentials needs to have the highest load order priority because of an issue with BagMod.---
Mountains of ...
Collection by: Xure
Official collection of all the mods from the 'Mountains of' series.
Torchlight II Enchanced
Collection by: Archangel
This is a mod collection that tries to enchance the game without taking out the vanilla gameplay too much.You can also download the TorchlightRemastered 1.15 High Resolution Textures from and enchance further more the col...
Mega HUD Collection
Collection by: BigHawngry
These Are the 6 Different Types of Mega HUDS availible
Destroyer Central!
Collection by: PHΔΠJΔM
The Destroyer class isn't in the vanilla Torchlight II game, but there are a number of mods which make him playable in TL2. I wanted to promote the Destroyer some more to TL2 players who may not be familiar with the class. So I made this page to collect...
Rainbow Redux
Collection by: Xalderon
The Rainbow Redux Series is a collection of stock icons already in the Torchlight II libraries that I have recolored. I did this so that other modders could simply have a broader selection of icons to pick from while making mods without having to do the l...
Top TL2 MODS v2
Collection by: Lord Daemon
My first collection of mods I find create a suitably enjoyable level of gameplay. May be creating more collections as I experiment with mods a lot, and find a lot of different nice combinations of mods. ^^ If there are any problems with the use of a...
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