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Here you can find mods that allow nearly unlimited customization of Torchlight II. Use the GUTS Editor to change almost any aspect of the game and share your creations with the community. Click here to learn more.
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Rawr, tenya's collection of addons o3o;
Collection by: ♥SnuggyTrenya♥
Just making this so my friends who want to play with me can sub to the addons quickly. ^.^:
Basic Mods for Friendly play
Collection by: [N7] Klaptrap
Just some basic mods that everyone should have installed.
Hero's Collection
Collection by: Hero
These are just a bunch of mods that i wanted to use with my friends and so they can have access to them by just one link. In alphabetical order these are the mods and there creator's Better Loot Colors Created by:Lone Wolf McQuade http://steamcomm...
brekky's mods
Collection by: failau
the ones i use/dl if you wann play with me plz
Ian And Mary's Beb Collection!
Collection by: sendingsignal
For our bebs that wanna play torchlight ii with us! Subscribe to these mods and then make sure they are in this order in the loader: Vanquisher zoomy light Torchlight II Essentials The Endless Dungeon Greeds Lair Epic Encounters LAO 2.0 Chaos ...
For you bro
Collection by: Makilino
Darkthan's Mod Collection
Collection by: Darkthan9800
This collection contains the mods that I feel are very important for my style of gameplay, also this is a collection for my friends who want to play with me. This collection contains: Epic Encounters Darkthan's Classes Extra Chunky Blanks Landmarks ...
GEM+ - Game Enhancement Mod Plus
Collection by: SnowGhost
ABOUT This collection aims to complete the original GEM modification for TL2 by adding the mods that it was designed to be played with. Also, keep in mind that this was designed to be played on 'Elite' and please give a thumbs up to all of the mods inclu...
Super-Colliding Super Collection
Collection by: Super-Colliding Super Button
Für Freunde und Familie.
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