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Here you can find mods that allow nearly unlimited customization of Torchlight II. Use the GUTS Editor to change almost any aspect of the game and share your creations with the community. Click here to learn more.
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Haks Paks!
Collection by: TorchLove
Packs By Hak, and other stuffs i like
Mods i want Merged
Collection by: DEATHSGUN2
Just some mods I Want Maged is All
Failkasting TL2 Collection
Collection by: TheAnonapotamus
Mod collection for failkasting scrubs
Collection by: Haknslash
All the MODS i use in TLII, My own mod packs and whatever im working on atm. An excellent place to track down smaller parts of my packs and grab them from their original authors..
Someone Else's Custom Classes
Collection by: Someone Else
My custom classes.
Darkthan's Mod Collection
Collection by: Darkthan9800
This collection contains the mods that I feel are very important for my style of gameplay, also this is a collection for my friends who want to play with me. This collection contains: Epic Encounters Darkthan's Classes Extra Chunky Blanks Landmarks ...
Torchlight 2 Multiplayer Community Mod Collections (Synergies and Essentials compatible)
Collection by: fly790420
This collection consisted of the most essential mods together to create a hell lot better and fun game experience than the vanilla Torchlight 2 without you missing out much of the original experience. The other reason for this mod pack is to have more peo...
Collection by: ♦ZEREL MAISTER♦
Pack de MODS para jugar con toda la comunidad española [VERSION SYNERGIES] {AVISO} El mod synergies esta en ingles, ademas no es mio, todo el merito va para su autor. Mas informacion en la pagina del mod.
SynergiesMOD the OFFICIAL collection
Collection by: Salan
This is the official SynergiesMOD and all the Official mods released by myself that go with it to tailor the experience to what you would like in a full conversion. HERE ARE THE CURRENT WAYS YOU CAN USE THIS COLLECTION: Prioritize order#1: (how i...
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