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SFM Models
Collection by: ♥ Mangle ♥
All of the models I'll be using for Source Filmmaker. Mostly fandom models such as; Homestuck and Five Nights at Freddy's.
Collection by: lava2357
Collection by: lucaswolf10012
Source Filmmaker Five nights at freddys full
Collection by: stephen1734
The Source Filmmaker Version of five nights at freddys full. this collection has all the five nights at freddys mods there are. i will update this when fnaf 1 2 or 3 mods come out!
SFM Godzilla Collection
Collection by: Ultimo: King of Monsters
A collection of various monsters ported over from Godzilla Unleashed. Originally rigged by DeviantArt User, MMDCharizard. This is only here for your convenience, and more monsters are incoming.
Five Nights at Freddy's SFM
Collection by: Antilie2002
To make Five Nights at Freddy's SFM movies
SFM Poses
Collection by: [AsK]R!0T|
SFM Poses
Five Nights At Freddy's
Collection by: jarmstrong40013
Five Nights At Freddy's Models
Collection by: ICanHazSword
Five nights at freddies animatronics
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