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kirbys Source Filmmaker Collection
Collection by: kasumi.kirby
This is my Collection for Soyrce Filmaker
XCOM - Enemy Unknown
Collection by: Blobinet
Characters, Weapons and more from XCOM - Enemy Unknown Don't hesitate to message me if anything is wrong or you if have a way to improve it !
sonic sfm
Collection by: supergirl2000aef
Sonic The Hedgehog Addons
Collection by: Skittles
Sanic the Hedgehorg.
Sonic the Hedgehog
Collection by: Apoc Hedgie
An easy to subscribe collection for all the good Sonic the Hedgehog models for Source Filmmaker. Thanks to Hypo for the promotional image for the collection.
Titanfall - The Full Collection (SFM)
Collection by: Bitl - EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!
Includes all my Titanfall addons for SFM. Since I don't have any storage space for more SFM stuff, this collection won't be updated. However you can look here in the description for additional Titanfall packs. Titan Weapon Model Pack: Dropbox: ht...
For the achievement
Collection by: TheCubeWithinACube CubeCeption
Collection by: Beatrix Kiddo
My Unimportant Collection
Collection by: WAKE_OF_IMPACT
Mortal Kombat Characters
Collection by: CODAC
Characters from the game - Mortal Kombat 9. Thansk to NetherRealm studios
Items enhanced for posing
Collection by: мяFunreal
Here are some items i made for enhanced posing. Tell me what model you would like to be more posable and i might do it. I have nothing productive to do lately
Super Smash Bros.
Collection by: Yaron
This collection contains everything that is included with the Super Smash game Series : characters, items, weapons and poweraps.
tf2 models
Collection by: rx3566
BioShock Infinite Vigors
Collection by: noodlebox
The 8 Vigors from BioShock Infinite. Ported from a set of models for XNALara, found here: I've tweaked the textures and materials in order to replicate the glow seen in the o...
Collection by: DDCreations
Building Nature
Collection by: johnxgin3
Spore models from SFM
Collection by: Yaron
This collection consists of Spore creatures ported to sourse from SFM.
(Subject-Name-Here)'s SFM Stuff
Collection by: (Subject-Name-Here)
colloection of the stuff I stuff into SFM
Apoc and RTB's SFM Model Ports
Collection by: RandomTBush
This is a collection of everything ported to Source Filmmaker by Apoc Hedgie and Random Talking Bush, two Canadian guys who port things that *aren't* soldiers or other army dudes. Well, *almost* everything. We're working on bringing over our other thin...
Collection by: Crazyabby2012
Other people's models
Dishonored SFM Models
Collection by: 64GIGS.exe
A collection of character models from Dishonored. Most of them have been converted by me, with the exception of a few. I'm always up for requests for which characters I should convert and put up next. Those which are in the XNALara .mesh.ascii forma...
Exterminatus - Complete Action Cinematic Essentials
Collection by: Slypear
The Complete and final port of the Warhammer 40K Source mod: Exterminatus. Get the entire Collection for a Full Array of particles! Videos courtesy of the Leviathan Rising Team: http://stea...
MixedUp's Fixed Textures
Collection by: MixedUpStreaming
My current fixed texture files all grouped up :)
SFM learning thing shrek
Collection by: Kilter
Collection by: timothyptracy
Heavy's New Weapon Add-ons
Collection by: Youhadabadday
This Collection is for those who want the models i will be using in a current Source Filmmaker Project called Heavy's New Weapon. Enjoy!
Mes Models SFM
Collection by: (o.W.n) spy
Collection by: vexocity
film collection
Collection by: juespol
coleccion genial jajajaja
Collection by: dj.jones4
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