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Sfm PlayerModels
Collection by Capitali$tDoag
Player models for sfm that I like to use in sfms That's it
Splatoon (SFM)
Collection by RetroTheInkling
YOUR A KID YOUR A SQUID YOUR A KID YOUR A YOUR A SQUID YOUR KID YOUR A SQUID YOUR A KID YOUR A SQUID YOUR A KID YOUR A SQUID NOW!!!!!!!!!! This is the SFM version of this collection For the Gmod version click Here
happy sourec
Collection by 痞哥尼弟
Nintendo Content
Collection by A Random UserName
This collection includes most of the Nintendo IPs from various Creaters in the SFM workshop. Models and Sound from various games such as Smash or even to the new Splatoon.
Blank World
Collection by Spiraloid
Generic SFM assets for original IP storytelling.
My SFM stuff by Kaitnoday
Collection by [ASH]Kaitnoday
Collection by EvilMadHatter
AHAHA bla bla :D my faves and stuffy stuffs.
Collection by seno20.01.00
Collection by BowPlayzYT
My models
Collection by bouhammoutene
It is good.
JakobRaiden's Source Filmmaker Pack
Collection by JakobRaiden
Just a collection of SFM addons that i find very useful or enjoy using.
All My Collections
Collection by NeneroG [VAC]
All My Collections
E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy
Collection by NeneroG
Models From E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy
The Sqeual
Collection by 《TitaniumDragon》
For you
the CS:GO collection
Collection by Assassinated bear
this collection includes extracted and decompiled files from CS:GO game files ! LEAVE A RATE! ADD ME TO YOUR FOLLOW LIST SUBSCRIBE TO MY COLLECTION!
sfm fnaf
Collection by x-bat
Dark Messiah
Collection by NeneroG
Models From Dark Messiah ************************************************* Would you like to thank? Write "Thank you" to my Profile *************************************************
TDA Collection
Collection by NeneroG
************************************************* I made imports Real Author: *************************************************
Everything i use
Collection by WEED-Sempai
Shit that i use
Fazzbear Puticlub
Collection by lonrot
Modelos y objetos del Puticlub, el resto fue extraído de GMOD y Models and assets, the rest was extracted from GMOD and
Minecraft SFM Resources
Collection by SiNevesh
External Links: All Models:
Collection by NeneroG
Dragons collection
Columbidae's Maps
Collection by Columbidae
All maps made by me
Collection by Pyro Bear
My SFM items
Collection by tydowntyty1
my collection
Collection by Spark508
for myself
Collection by rada
Five Night's at Freddy's
Collection by Fazbear Entertainment
All From CS:GO
Collection by NeneroG
All From CS:GO
Taco's Zelda Crap
Collection by Taco
High quality SFM models based on The Legend of Zelda series. More than just simple ports, and seething with custom content, these submissions are guaranteed to be the best Zelda-related models you will find for the Source Engine.
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