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sonic and more
Collection by: sonicking030200
this is many sonic stuff i can find and more
Collection by: abracadabra420
This And That. Work In Progress.
Collection by: tanganntaow
Sfm stuff and thangs
Collection by: SharkwarsGameR
This is all the awesome stuff i love in sfm STuff and thangs is for bioshock infinite purposes I love this game it is soooooo cool! sorry for innapropriate grammar lol It is awesome #bringitonlikebooker love you? Sharkwars
Collection by: Scar_Gates
Collection by: Bitl
Used in the SFM film CORRUPTED, as well in promotional content for the film.
film collection
Collection by: juespol
coleccion genial jajajaja
engineer mods
Collection by: alienpop123
JetPro121's SFM Movie Collection
Collection by: xXJeffTamPergoXx
The Director's tools
Collection by: Chiron Maximus
The right tools to make the proper movies.
Collection by: [BRONY]TrainerRed[FI][SA]
Source Film Maker Workshop Files
Collection by: GMOD_Jack
this is for my videos made with SFM
Half-Life 2: ep2 models by Valve Artists
Collection by: Warriosparky
Contains models and sounds from HL2: episode 2
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast models by Valve Artists
Collection by: Warriosparky
Contains models and sounds from HL2: Lost Coast
herorockers sfm collection
Collection by: Autistic Red Pyro
sfm collection
My stuffs
Collection by: The Dark Lord Cthulhu
Stuff im using in my video, for people to edit it correctly.
Collection by: vexocity
Mes Models SFM
Collection by: (o.W.n) spy
Collection by: timothyptracy
MixedUp's Fixed Textures
Collection by: MixedUp The Banana Man
My current fixed texture files all grouped up :)
Collection by: Crazyabby2012
Other people's models
Collection by: DDCreations
Building Nature
Collection by: johnxgin3
tf2 models
Collection by: rx3566
Super Smash Bros.
Collection by: Yaron
This collection contains everything that is included with the Super Smash game Series : characters, items, weapons and poweraps.
Saxton Hale Photo
Collection by: ♫✪Mathiaskirk²✪
Im saxton...WHAT??????? ARE IM THE FAN OF Saxton????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Unimportant Collection
Collection by: WAKE_OF_IMPACT
For the achievement
Collection by: TheCubeInsideACube (CubeCeption)
Collection by: Beatrix Kiddo
Sonic Addons
Collection by: Lieutenant Skittles
Sanic the Hedgehorg.
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