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Great models ! MUST-HAVE !
Collection by: Chris
This collection presents some great models that you MUST have because they are awesome, +like if you did, share if you want more people to know about this collection and all the credit goes to the authors of those items, not to me, I just made this collec...
Omega Centarui's Night Maps
Collection by: GoldenDong Tiger
This is the collection of all the maps I have "Nighted": If you like the maps please let me know and if you have a problem with a specific map please either send me a friend request or comment down in the specific map and state the problem you're havin...
SFM Fake Portals
Collection by: €clipse Yandros
Both the script and the models. Don't forget to add "-monitortexturesize 4096" to the Source Filmmaker launch parameters to get a good image resolution inside the portals ! Tutorial here :
Christoffer395's Map Collecton
Collection by: Patrick Jr.
All these awesome useful maps created by Christoffer395. I thought they deserved a collection <3
sfm-sonic model
Collection by: amharstomer54
sonic is the num. 1 hero. sonic model, HD model version. made by amhar1551
The Effects Collection by TrickedPast
Collection by: Tricked Past [VenteDEV]
Here's a collection containing all of my effects packs, including stings, transitions, and other things, as they come up.
Reaper's SFM Collection
Collection by: F | S Reaper | RIP PC ;(
Just some things, that come together :)
Half-Life 2: ep1 models by Valve Artists
Collection by: Warriosparky
Contains models and sounds from HL2: episode 1
Particle effects and stuff
Collection by: Chaofanatic
Particles and junk I made, go use them cause yeah.
The Soundtrack Collection
Collection by: Tricked Past [VenteDEV]
A collection of various songs I have made that can be used in any SFM videos
Spore models from SFM
Collection by: Yaron
This collection consists of Spore creatures ported to sourse from SFM.
Half-Life 2 models by Valve Artists
Collection by: Warriosparky
Contains models and sounds from Half-Life 2
Collection by: effectiveprotocol
BioShock & Halo collection
SFM stuff
Collection by: MitziWho™
Here's some SFM stuff
Demon's Souls Models
Collection by: Sundownsyndrome
SFM Godzilla Collection
Collection by: Ultimo: King of Monsters
A collection of various monsters ported over from Godzilla Unleashed. Originally rigged by DeviantArt User, MMDCharizard. This is only here for your convenience, and more monsters are incoming.
Lazyneers maps
Collection by: Lazyneer
These are the maps I've made for SFM.
World of Warcraft ports Collection
Collection by: Thundery Steak
This collection contains content from Blizzard Entertainment's videogame World of Warcraft ported by me.
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