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Taco's Zelda Crap
Collection by Taco
High quality SFM models based on The Legend of Zelda series. More than just simple ports, and seething with custom content, these submissions are guaranteed to be the best Zelda-related models you will find for the Source Engine.
Collection by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Ultimate Pyro Pack
You Love Pyro? Then This Is For You! I DO NOT OWN THESE MODELS! So Just A Ton Of Pyro Stuff! Enjoy!
The Fazbear SFM Collection
Collection by Timberwoof
Various Items to assist you in making a Five Nights at Freddy's Animation/Poster/....Thing
All From CS:GO
Collection by NeneroG
All From CS:GO
Shovel Knight Models
Collection by m0uthful
Models based off of the game Shovel Knight.
SourceFilm Maker
Collection by [M-T-P]๖ۜMiss.Zoey
Skins, Addons, mods,
Portal SFM Resources
Collection by Salazar
SFM Godzilla Collection
Collection by Ultimo: King of Monsters
A collection of various monsters ported over from Godzilla Unleashed. Originally rigged by DeviantArt User, MMDCharizard. This is only here for your convenience, and more monsters are incoming.
TF2 Models [AO Fix]
Collection by Sync.
These solves semi-transparent model problem. Do credit me if you use any of these.
Halo 4 Spartans
Collection by boss7336
This is the collection of my Halo 4 Spartan ports.
XCOM - Enemy Unknown
Collection by Blobinet
Characters, Weapons and more from XCOM - Enemy Unknown Don't hesitate to message me if anything is wrong or you if have a way to improve it !
Kill la Kill Models
Collection by dustmotes
Character models based on the anime Kill la Kill.
Exterminatus - Complete Action Cinematic Essentials
Collection by Slypear, The Contumacious
The Complete and final port of the Warhammer 40K Source mod: Exterminatus. Get the entire Collection for a Full Array of particles! Videos courtesy of the Leviathan Rising Team: http://stea...
Five nights at freddies sfm collection
Collection by PlumPlague58
This collection contains all the things you need to make a five nights at freddies sfm video. Hope you enjoy! (please note that foxy is currently not available but will be soon.)
Custard's Sets
Collection by Custard1
A collection of set maps I have made! Designed specifically for Source Filmaker
Items enhanced for posing
Collection by мяFunreal
Here are some items i made for enhanced posing. Tell me what model you would like to be more posable and i might do it. I have nothing productive to do lately
Dark TF Maps
Collection by Sync.
Here you can find TF2 Map without lights.
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