Killing Floor
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Teds Killing Floor Collection
Collection by: Téd
A collection I made for fast downloading of addons
Joystick Jostler's Friday Night Fight pack
Collection by: Basedgod
A simple pack for the JJ KF community
Collection by: Hug me. Sasang Fan
i wanna this addon
Killing Floor Creation Favs.
Collection by: Fragsert
A list of mods for Killing Floor by the community hosted on the workshop page (duh)
Collection by: Уруру, няня.
skins for kf
Collection by: indrix1942
Killing Floor Collection
Collection by: GFtoocool KF mods
Collection by: Scoot (fragmer)
Mods installed on's KF server. The purpose of this collection is to install mods via Steam CLI client.
All Workshop Weapons
Collection by: xTheWarlord
All Killing Floor weapons on the Workshop, that show how to be added using ServerPerks You'll need ServerPerks: After installing, open ServerPerks.ini and put this code under the last Trade...
For my server
Collection by: Mobiletwo
Stuff for my server
Deez Nuts
Collection by: LIL' JON
Collection by: Major Tiddys
stuff for things
Collection by: Skele #GetSpooked
has stuff and things
Collection by: BlightFight
KFO Map Collection
Collection by: IA ♡🐧
Killing Floor Mods
Collection by: sniperKILLZ
Cool Mods and Maps to make the game more fun
Killing floor server van hans
Collection by: Vaas
gewoon op + drukke, spel herstarte en ge kunt de server joine
KF - Mutators & Reskins
Collection by: Motorboat Bitches
Killing Floor Group Pack
Collection by: Redunknown1
Members of Special Green Force are Urged to download this pack.
Kool Kids Klub Mods
Collection by: DragonZ
Collection by: C0rRuPT ᴳᵀ
[KF] Private server pack
Collection by: THA | iהƒerהo≈ƒox 火
Killing Floor server content pack for me and my friends.
Coleção Killing Floor: Mods e Fases
Collection by: Sr.Morte
Collection by: sin-bro
kf mods
Collection by: 'Vintage™
Listen server
My Killing Floor Collection
Collection by: KawaiiHitler
Collection by: Classy Narwhal
kf stuff for us
Collection by: Tref
for my listen server
dl these fgts
Collection by: Dennis "Dennis Quaid" Quaid
Download these if you wanna join my server, nob'ds.
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