Killing Floor
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Collection by: ★ProStar★ Jebać Biede.
Collection by: Caesar
My Collection
Collection by: [337th] Topgun The Snicklefritz
Stuff you'll need to join my server.
Collection by: ★ProStar★ Jebać Biede.
Collection by: polotenchik
Mods for KF by FL@Y
Collection by: FL@Y
Pack for people,who like KF :3
Collection by: T-lycan
Just some things i like and you'll like.
Astral's Map Pack
Collection by: [URQ] Astral
Just a collection of maps
Favorite Maps
Collection by: Ramuthra
Subscribe if you want to dl my server's stuff automatically, and don't want to sit there for an hour waiting. :P
Collection by: Jarek Blood Dragon
Collection by: =>|FG|<= BlackFlamingo
A strong and handly crowbar. Better than a dagger...right? Enjoy :)
killing floor
Collection by: cbʞ | FR33^KILL
Collection by: Skar Stoker Corvinus
Necesario para el servidor
rapterland pack
Collection by: raptertroop
rapterland server collection pack
Mass Effect Character Pack
Collection by: mhawke3
Imported Mass Effect Characters. I did not make these, all credit goes to the authors.
Killing Floor Toodles~
Collection by: ✪[UNKN]✪ Unknownsniper
Yoy yo yo yaoi
Genesis Music Overhaul Complete
Collection by: Tajjbo Man
Want to maximize the play power to the max? Inject some blast processing to your Killing floor experience with this music overhaul! With this pack you'll completely replace all of the official songs. Song List: Pack 1 DirgeDefective1 = Thunder F...
Mofobian Server Maps
Collection by: Mofobian
What's in rotation on our server.
Things you may like
Collection by: Marksman
All of the things are whitelisted and can be used together in the game (Altough all of them together can slow down your machine, be warned!) I prefer things that doesn't alter the game drastically. Minor changes and useful additions are all I want...
KFO Maps
Collection by: Shinkichi
Winter Maps
Collection by: Shinkichi
Jason Statham Friendship Brigade
Collection by: sMaShEd KiWiS
A collection of maps and other mods for the brigade
IDWS Server Mods
Collection by: jalovitrue
For custom perks on IDWS dedicated server.
Abattoir Mutators
Collection by: cmicroc
The whitelisted mutator in use on the Abattoir servers Mac and Linux users may need to subscribe to these, or install the manually, to work around a bug in KF that prevents them being recognised as whitelisted when loaded from the cache. The Deluxe ...
Primusux Collection
Collection by: Primusux
Pick this
Chris' Stuff
Collection by: Deggypoop
My Favorite Mods
Killing Floor Editor Items
Collection by: Merishya292-Strict_time
This is a collection of (Static) Meshes, Sounds, Items, Textures and other things, which can be used in the creation of a map. I do not own all items in this pack, but I will contribute with my own map making items. Credit goes to the creator(s) of the i...
Smoker's Killing Floor Mods + Maps
Collection by: Smoker
Mods Maps for my friends to get.
Weapons Reskin
Collection by: ~KFF~Malware
Weapons installed on: 8.5@@@SERVEUR KILLING FLOOR HOE ip=
Lucifer's KF Daemon - Maps
Collection by: [-:-] Lady Fuzztail
Maps that I use in my server that are available on the workshop. Obviously, this list is not extensive as there are many maps that are installed that aren't available on the workshop, yet. They are the following : KF-2005BioticsLab KF-2005Manor K...
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