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Japanese Auther Maps
Collection by Shinkichi
[Survival] Official Maps Collection
Collection by The Hunter
All the official survival map made by The Hunter.
Collection by Plasmafiend
30 Wave Challenge Maps
Collection by HIUFIGYO
A collection for all the 30 Wave Challenges that have been created.
AsNetu maps collection
Collection by AsNetu
Killing Floor maps created or fixed by AsNetu: - KF-MysteriousTreesV3 - KF-SewersPrisonV4 - KF-StalkersOutpostV2 - KF-BusStationV4
Killing Floor collection
Collection by ~NinjaTuna~
Simple and fun addons.
Gh0zt's Weapon Pack N Tomtar
Collection by | Mikatataku |
BANANS :D No but this is a good pack
Custom Monsters Balance
Collection by [ScrN]PooSH
Balances WPC-made Brute, Shiver and Jason Voorhees to fit better all together in the game.
KF skin of the Jason Voorhees
Collection by Mahmud
skin of the Jason Voorhees solo copiar y sustituir de la carpeta de steam/ common / killing floor y ya----! link:
I need DOSH Server Collection
Collection by [ScrN]The Janitor
Maps and Mutators needed on our custom Server.
Collection by Naelstrof
Just for friends.
GunGame maps
Collection by Mr.RoBoT
3 maps for GunGame mod GunGame mod:
Dead Dreads STD Edition Maps
Collection by Dead Dread
A bunch of maps I've updated to work with the new standard edition zeds.
My stuff useful and some fixs
Collection by Exod
My things of Killingfloor that I made or fix :)
Maps by aHDp
Collection by aHDp
All maps by aHDp
Dark Souls OST Soundtrack
Collection by Octavia Melody
A pack containing both Dark Souls OST mods. Remember all those beautiful melodies that followed you on your journey of a thousand deaths back in everyone's favorite swords & shields game? Well, good news for you! They've come back to soothe your mind a...
Super mods!
Collection by LEGAT1337
Great modification.
Agn0 Collection
Collection by Agn0
map and weapons
Fox Mut
Collection by <CH> J A' F O X
Just Random Mut for friends
NofW Killing floor pack
Collection by Sparcany
Required steam mods to play on Nation of Warriors Killing Floor servers.
Resident Evil Music Replacement
Collection by XD001
Replaces all the music with songs from the Resident Evil series. Originally this mod was 2 seperate mods by different people, but I have combined them and changed a bunch of things and updated them with newer music tracks. There's no song list becau...
My Killing Floor Maps
Collection by miks
A collection of my maps
Recommended Server Mods for Killing Floor
Collection by Carlmundo
These are all the mods/maps that I use when I play Killing Floor. Click "Subscribe to all" to download all of them the next time the game starts.
Weapons supported by the WeaponsWorkShopWIP mutator
Collection by BadKarMa
This collection features weapons, that are only supported by the WORK IN PROGRESS version of the WeaponsWorkShop mutator and currently not featured in the normal version until its next update. The WeaponsWorkShopWIP comes with the subscription of the nor...
Killing Floor: Map Pack 1
Collection by TripleBullet187
Killing Floor: Map Pack 1 has 5 of the best maps the community has to offer!
Collection by 1337BeastMaster
This is my rifle, this is my gun, this one's for fighting, this one's for fun. GUNS GUNS GUNS... ok some are not guns but they're still weapons you use to KILL THINGS TILL THEIR DEAD!!!!
Waffen der coolen sorte
Collection by me_Andru | is amused
Das ist eine kollektion wo diese waffen enthalten sind MP7,ACR,M249,M200 die waffen sind sehr gut und ich mache mehr waffen aber in anderen kollektionen! This is a collection where these weapons are included MP7, ACR, M249, M200, the weapons are very g...
Bloody Red Ferrari Server: 3rd Party Files
Collection by Darth Schumy
This is the complete collection of third party files (Maps, Mutators, etc), clients will need to play on the Bloody Red Ferrari server. The "Bloody Red Ferrari #7" does not have a redirect service at the moment. Without a redirect service, players are...
Killing Floor Maps and Muts
Collection by Vashmetal
Mutators and maps for awesomeness!
Killing Foor+ Pack.
Collection by L4Dtrooper
L4Dtrooper made a list with te best maps and guns to play with in the KF+ pack.
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