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KF Weapons
Collection by [ETA] Black Hearted Fox
A collection of my favorite weapons. :D
Nalipak's KF Collection
Collection by Dorkfish
Sub to all!
New KF Collection
Collection by Dorkfish
Sub to all as usual.
XF's Server
Collection by Zierance
Collection by Dorkfish
Sub to map 1 by 1, and weapons 5 by 5. Restart game after each batch of subs.
Killing Floor Mods
Collection by Tolemar
Dat gud shiz yo
Killing Floor With Friends
Collection by .Obey
dick in my ass
DMN's Voice Pack Mods
Collection by PinkiePie645
This is a personal collection of mine that i had in my game for a long time. I got bored of hearing the same 2 male and 1 female voice over and over so i decided to give my game a bit of diversity and have more voices! I use these voice pack via client s...
Lethalvortex Full pack
Collection by Lethal_Vortex
full collection everything complete with all mods required. for the ppl who dont like to click subscribe to all maps seperated
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