Killing Floor
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Killing floor
Collection by: MacDaddy
damn son
Collection by: CemЭnt 322
Love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru
Collection by: Kirrim Kerman
Young children died to make this collection.
Mappack for my friends
Collection by: [.DLA.]Sythos
Map collection for me and my friends
Nevan's Recommended Maps and Muts
Collection by: [EM] Nevan Nedall
My recommendations for Maps and Mutators
Shekelfloor: Kurumi's anime pack
Collection by: Kurumi ♥
I made this collection for a server with some friends.
Collection by: Rossos
Collection of Doom related stuff for Killing Floor
Killing Floor Server
Collection by: Impulse
Killing Floor+
Collection by: Buns
[W.I.P] I am currently testing everything out to make sure all the mods work well together.
Modded Server
Collection by: Sir Rage-a-Lot
Killing Floor server maps
Collection by: Swampert
Old Killing Floor
Collection by: DNR3
A mere try to make this game feel like it was before
Marashi's Server Collection
Collection by: Marashi Uchiha
Sinuhe7Ra Weapon pack 3
Collection by: Sinuhe7Ra
For my friends.
Killing Floor - Workshop Karten
Collection by: Remer
Mehrere Karten aus dem Workshop für Killing Floor.
Killing Floor
Collection by: Anson789
Collection by: TEH WURMZ!!11
For kga LAN
Sinuhe7Ra server mutators and characters
Collection by: Sinuhe7Ra
For my friends.
Sinuhe7Ra Weapon pack 2
Collection by: Sinuhe7Ra
For my friends.
Killing Floor
Collection by: DJ Tove
Collection by: atakansakalli
Anime Modifications
Collection by: Sinon Kirigaya
Bile's Server Mods
Collection by: bile07 Meu pão,Seu forno
Mod required to play in my kf server
KF Lobby Video Replacements
Collection by: Alcatraz Zombie
These are mods that will replace the advertisements that play in the lobby. These intros will consist of anime openings and various other videos I happen to like (although it'll be mostly anime openings). I plan to make more intros in the near future so c...
Shrek Swamp Master
Collection by: QuentinBagelson
Dave's KF
Collection by: Brosefr
Collection by: C.R.O.D.1
Killing Floor
Collection by: matzeoes
Unsere Kollektion an Killing Floor Objekten, um auf unserem Server zu spielen!
Killing Floor Maps
Collection by: Handsome Phil
Collection of custom Killing Floor maps.
Collection by: zerosnake10
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