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Fruit server maps
Collection by Fruit Bubblicious
Hell on the Earth COllECTION
Collection by Neo_minigan
You have bored of game? So here a big pack of add-ons of weapons and zeds. 8 New monsters: - Shiver - Sick - Bastard - Fatale - Brute - GoreShark - Hellfire - Shafter 21 New weapons: - BD Rifle - CM Shotgun - 4x MP5 - L96 - M249 - Pyth...
DMN's Voice Pack Mods
Collection by PinkiePie645
This is a personal collection of mine that i had in my game for a long time. I got bored of hearing the same 2 male and 1 female voice over and over so i decided to give my game a bit of diversity and have more voices! I use these voice pack via client s...
Collection by дима
Full Apocalypse Soundtracks Pack
Collection by Hangsvart
WELCOME TO FULL APOCALYPSE SOUNDTRACKS PACK. Here is full remplacements tracks for the game Killing Floor. In first time, you need to subscribe to Brutal Doom Soundtracks. Thoses remplacements will deserve ONLY defaults tracks. It mean, ALL maps wil...
Killing Floor Skins & Weapons
Collection by Kowalski
Aliens Killing Floor
Collection by WPC Mods
UPDATE: Ok, turns out SteamWorkshop is being a bitch. Use with the manual install. @Hinsonator; Thanks for giving folks the heads up. Complete collection for the WPC Aliens : KillingFloor MANUAL INSTALL HELP Having...
Operation Y Collection
Collection by LLIePLLIeHb
Weapons and Custom Characters from the Russian modders - Forum topic TWI - Russian Game Community - Russian Game Community http://kil...
Dead Space Collection
Collection by Hemi
Dead Space : Killing Floor SERVERPERKS OPTIONAL : YOU CAN USE YOUR NORMAL PERKS TOO OPTIONAL : ServerPerks (instructions : Non-Worksho...
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