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Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Replacement
Collection by: Sumika Oohashi
I've replaced the original Killing Floor soundtrack with my favorite tracks from the sequel. These include both, wave and trader time music. It does NOT replace event map music. Instrumental as well as Vocal version available.
Kollektion Killing Floor
Collection by: Shadow Knight
DMN's Voice Pack Mods
Collection by: PinkiePie645
This is a personal collection of mine that i had in my game for a long time. I got bored of hearing the same 2 male and 1 female voice over and over so i decided to give my game a bit of diversity and have more voices! I use these voice pack via client s...
Skell's Maps
Collection by: Skell*
I'll be uploading my maps here... Yeah... Don't know how this works...
Mr.RoBoT's Maps
Collection by: Mr.RoBoT
This is a collection of maps I created :)
Scrake Naders Server Pack
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
Collection of items (excluding maps), which are used on ScrN Official Servers: Subscribe to this collection to skip long downloads before joining the server. This ...
Ferenos' Final Maps
Collection by: Ferenos
Coleccion de mapas finales
Whitelisted & Client Side mods [v1063]
Collection by: PinkiePie645
If you enjoy playing normal vanilla Killing Floor and TWI's perk system, then here are some mutators that are okay to play with. Client side mods are modifications to a user's game, but only said player can see/hear these changes. These mods also allow...
KF Lobby Video Replacements
Collection by: Alcatraz Zombie (broken PC)
These are mods that will replace the advertisements that play in the lobby. These intros will consist of anime openings and various other videos I happen to like (although it'll be mostly anime openings). I plan to make more intros in the near future so c...
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