The Mole's Workshop
Create and share custom maps and missions for Monaco. All the tools used to build the official campaign missions and stories are available! Click here for a fan's guide to using the in-game editor.
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Collection by: Wonchi
Me gusta insertarme tuberias por el recto
monaco maps
Collection by: sonicfan5923
Go Team Psycho! Campaign
Collection by: Pine Cone
The Hacker and The Cleaner do some things
Monaco Extra levels
Collection by: The Sergeminator
Some cool Monaco fan made levels
Stuffy stuff stuff
Collection by: ☣May (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Payday: The Heist
Collection by: A Sinister Pile of Leaves
I am in the process of recreating some maps from the game Payday: The Heist. They will be loose interpretations of the levels but I want to hold true to both games in a way. There will be sneaking but also much more loot then normal to allow more shooting...
The GentleWolf's Private Collection
Collection by: Dänîęl Wølf™
This is a Monaco collection of levels Wolf made. Including: PVP Heists
Destiny Story
Collection by: -[sR]-B.I.G Lil' Kracker
This collection Is Composed Of The Destiny Story In Which The Gentlemen, LockSmith, Hacker, And Cleaner Take On A Series Of Class Specific Challenges, The Gentlmen Gets most advantiges but it tasked with getting the coins, locksmith usualy gets a lock maz...
My Monaco Downloads
Collection by: EVIL_MANTIS
my monaco downloads
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