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Create and share custom maps and missions for Monaco. All the tools used to build the official campaign missions and stories are available! Click here for a fan's guide to using the in-game editor.
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A Third Perspective: The Hacker's Origins
Collection by: Sadakatsu
The Locksmith and Pickpocket has had their fun. It's time for the truth. Well, maybe that's a stretch. 'A Third Pespective' is The Hacker's version of the events, the campaign itself contains some spoilers of both of the first two campaigns but does...
Downtown Campaign
Collection by: Neuroaktivo
1- Convenience Store 2- ??? 3- ??? (Work In Progress)
Love&Tolerance's Missions
Collection by: Love&Tolerance
The completed missions I make in Monaco.
Collection by: Loki
This is for all my 'Monaco: Whats yours is mine' PVP maps for friends. If your not on my friends list, download it anyway and have fun!
The Italian Job
Collection by: the mini ken
This is a set of Italian themed maps where you go to Italy and pull of daring hiests all around the country there are 9 maps; 1-The Journey - some airport in Britain - The gang has missed there flight to italy you must get through security and steal ...
Revenge on Edward Shoe Campaign
Collection by: Menak
This is the campaign where players escape after being captured by Edward Shoe and then seek revenge on him.
My Campaigns
Collection by: Menak
Here you can find all of my campaigns!
Collection by: Wonchi
Me gusta insertarme tuberias por el recto
Go Team Psycho! Campaign
Collection by: Pine Cone
The Hacker and The Cleaner do some things
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