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Create and share custom maps and missions for Monaco. All the tools used to build the official campaign missions and stories are available! Click here for a fan's guide to using the in-game editor.
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MONACO コレクション☆
Collection by Ciel-Legacy_qp【JP】
With friends like these
Collection by Rainbow_Lizard
Set after the events of Identity. The crew is led once again by the gentleman, who sends them on many contrived raids and heists. However, all is not as it seems. The Lookout tells her tale of the events involving the terrorist attacks on Monaco. Featuring
xxqzt's Custom Made Monaco Maps
Collection by xqzt
All of my custom made maps will go here.
Solo Trials
Collection by Durgrobach
8 Challenge maps for Speedrun practicing.
The Paris Campaign (working title)
Collection by Differ3nce
This is one of the first campaigns created in the editor of Monaco. It is based in Paris and is still a work in progress. You can help contribute to this campaign as well, take a look here: So f
Favorite Custom Maps
Collection by Fluffbeard
Fluff's favorite maps. (Or at least.. maps which I remember) If anyone finds the Resident Evil Spencer's Mansion map / Beautiful-Golden-Gendarme-Sideview map / Corridoor-with-water-leakage-map / Lenghty-Obstacle-thingy-map, please let me know. :| Not i
Pocico's Map Collection
Collection by pocico
These are some maps I found interesting.
pointless maps
Collection by starkiller#che
Collection by asmr
The Gentleman is dying, but he has a story to tell. This prequel to monaco will include maps made by @... and @KazaaakPlethKilik.
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