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Monaco - RH's PvP Maps
Collection by RH' Vanquish™
Goobertron's Monaco Maps
Collection by Goobertron
This is a collection of the maps I have created for Monaco. It currently includes a Free For All (FFA) and a 2v2 variation of a balanced and symmetrical PvP map, an open and team oriented survival map, and a simple achievement map. More maps may be added ...
Collection by The Archduke of York
The Gentleman is dying, but he has a story to tell. This prequel to monaco will include maps made by @... and @KazaaakPlethKilik.
New Super Attorney World U The Heist.
Collection by Twilight Sparkle
A Official Parody Of The Game I'm Making At: Why Wait For N.S.A.W.U When You Can Steal N.S.A.W.U?
Lo que es tuyo es mío.
Collection by Zoralink
A seperate campaign set around the midpoint of the game, with an alternate timeline as the thieves travel throughout Spain and other areas. Currently in progress.
A Third Perspective: The Hacker's Origins
Collection by Sadakatsu
The Locksmith and Pickpocket has had their fun. It's time for the truth. Well, maybe that's a stretch. 'A Third Pespective' is The Hacker's version of the events, the campaign itself contains some spoilers of both of the first two campaigns but does...
Downtown Campaign
Collection by Neuroaktivo
1- Convenience Store 2- ??? 3- ??? (Work In Progress)
Payday: The Heist
Collection by A Sinister Pile of Leaves
I am in the process of recreating some maps from the game Payday: The Heist. They will be loose interpretations of the levels but I want to hold true to both games in a way. There will be sneaking but also much more loot then normal to allow more shooting...
My Monaco Downloads
Collection by EVIL_MANTIS
my monaco downloads
Revenge on Edward Shoe Campaign
Collection by Menak
This is the campaign where players escape after being captured by Edward Shoe and then seek revenge on him.
My Campaigns
Collection by Menak
Here you can find all of my campaigns!
Collection by Wonchi
Me gusta insertarme tuberias por el recto
Go Team Psycho! Campaign
Collection by Pine Cone
The Hacker and The Cleaner do some things
Collection by Loki
This is for all my 'Monaco: Whats yours is mine' PVP maps for friends. If your not on my friends list, download it anyway and have fun!
Stuffy stuff stuff
Collection by May (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘
monaco maps
Collection by sonicfan5923
Monaco Neologie
Collection by Neologie
The Italian Job
Collection by the mini ken
This is a set of Italian themed maps where you go to Italy and pull of daring hiests all around the country there are 9 maps; 1-The Journey - some airport in Britain - The gang has missed there flight to italy you must get through security and steal ...
Monaco Extra levels
Collection by The Sergeminator
Some cool Monaco fan made levels
Collection by Jodie SheckleHeimer
A collection of interesting and challenging maps for Monaco
The Gentleman's Story (The Campaign From Hell)
Collection by Misslemike
A reupload of one of my previous collections. The Campaign From Hell, a suitable name for it. 8 of the 9 maps have been proven possible! Set after the events of Identity, and links together the Pickpocket's Story and Fin, also making references t...
The GentleWolf's Private Collection
Collection by Danny-Chan™
This is a Monaco collection of levels Wolf made. Including: PVP Heists
Destiny Story
Collection by =pb [BaconSwag]popupyou
This collection Is Composed Of The Destiny Story In Which The Gentlemen, LockSmith, Hacker, And Cleaner Take On A Series Of Class Specific Challenges, The Gentlmen Gets most advantiges but it tasked with getting the coins, locksmith usualy gets a lock maz...
Mole's Workshop
Collection by Saiavinn
Monaco Momma Box
Collection by ☭Social Core™
Just a lil collection m8
Collection by [AP] Will
In this collection, you will find all the levels in my upcoming Monaco level series, DUAL FATES. There will be 4 heists featuring the Locksmith's Crew. There will be 4 heists featuring the Gentlemen's Crew. Then there will be a finale which can be pl...
Going Where?
Collection by Jay
A two level campaign I whiped up because I felt like it, enjoy.
The Ex Presidents
Collection by Jay
Three days for now, if anyone wants the fourth I'll finish it but untill then my work is done here. Enjoy~
The Curse of The Black Diamond
Collection by El Keo
An upcoming collection of Monaco maps following the story of the cursed Black Diamond of Cairo. What seemed like an easy and lucrative job turned out to be much more of a handfull than this crew could ever imagine. This pack currently includes: Histor...
Puzzle Room I-V
Collection by (\_/) is dying
A compilation of all Puzzle Room maps. (Including the Corridoor of Time)
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