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Collection by GP♣Zero
MONACO コレクション☆
Collection by Ciel-Legacy_qp【JP】
Monaco Kolekce
Collection by ☢☢ *R/ to Šerif
Ze hry Monaco
Monaco Gear Solid BETA
Collection by Winston Smith
Metal Gear Solid 1 in Monaco style. 1 player maps. Not yet finished.
Monaco Momma Box
Collection by ☭Socialist Core™
Just a lil collection m8
Marionette of Monte Carlo
Collection by Vella
This is a campaign from the Gentleman's Tale series. A spin off from the original story, with added OC, narrated from the Gentleman's POV. What if... *Locksmith and Pickpocket didn't tell the whole story? *Lookout's account of their past actually hold
The Curse of The Black Diamond
Collection by Papa John
An upcoming collection of Monaco maps following the story of the cursed Black Diamond of Cairo. What seemed like an easy and lucrative job turned out to be much more of a handfull than this crew could ever imagine. This pack currently includes: Histori
Puzzle Room I-V
Collection by ⌒/(= ಠ ‸ ಠ =)\⌒
A compilation of all Puzzle Room maps. (Including the Corridoor of Time)
Goobertron's Monaco Maps
Collection by Goobertron
This is a collection of the maps I have created for Monaco. It currently includes a Free For All (FFA) and a 2v2 variation of a balanced and symmetrical PvP map, an open and team oriented survival map, and a simple achievement map. More maps may be added i
Monaco - RH's PvP Maps
Collection by Vanquish
A New Enemy
Collection by Madcat
This is a colection of maps made for the campaign "A New Enemy". New maps will be added as I create more!
Collection by ♥ tik
collection of my maps, with story written by Chromia.
Collection by Winter
Not my own maps, but I felt like Mr. U deserved a collection of his own. Quiet the challenge, these maps range from difficult to very difficult. Mostly for the experienced player, but anyone can enjoy these maps, if they can make it. Fun for a relaxing aft
The Gentleman's Story (The Campaign From Hell)
Collection by Misslemike
A reupload of one of my previous collections. Intended for Multiplayer. Aimed towards experienced players who have finished the Fin campaign and still found it all far too easy. The Campaign From Hell, a suitable name for it. Welcome to the land of rid
Collection by [AP] Will
In this collection, you will find all the levels in my upcoming Monaco level series, DUAL FATES. There will be 4 heists featuring the Locksmith's Crew. There will be 4 heists featuring the Gentlemen's Crew. Then there will be a finale which can be pla
The Ex Presidents
Collection by Jay
Three days for now, if anyone wants the fourth I'll finish it but untill then my work is done here. Enjoy~
Going Where?
Collection by Jay
A two level campaign I whiped up because I felt like it, enjoy.
Collection by KNOWLEDGE
A collection of interesting and challenging maps for Monaco
HoneyCake's Maps
Collection by SpeckDaKuhLeer
Hi. Das ist eine Sammlung aus allen Maps die ich erstellt habe. Ich werde hier auch immer die neusten Infos zu meinen Maps und Fragen dazu beantworten. Achso solltet ihr welche haben einfach in die Kommentare Schreien. Meine Maps: -Lake House, The Forest
The story of the Submarine
Collection by Beep Boop What Is Love
A series of incredibly contrived heists, connected by some ridiculous story involving submarines, ancient temples, !!SCIENCE-O-COPTORS!! and robots. Definitely not any type of set-up from the gentleman to exploit the crew. That's just not how he works. A
DaLegendBeast's Monaco Mod Collection
Collection by DaLegendBeast
These are the mods made by me that I made with Mole's Workshop.
The Shapire Hotel Pack
Collection by Officer Pablo (sakuya351)
There is 5 levels in the pack whit diffrent difficulties
An old enemy - A short Monaco origins campaign
Collection by Kexikus
This is a small (and at the moment incomplete) story about our favorite thieves past and how they became the group they are in the campaign. The story is based on my contest entry "A little to late" which somehow serves as a prologue, although it doesn't f
Monaco Neologie
Collection by Neologie
Mole's Workshop
Collection by Saiavinn
The Italian Job
Collection by the mini ken
This is a set of Italian themed maps where you go to Italy and pull of daring hiests all around the country there are 9 maps; 1-The Journey - some airport in Britain - The gang has missed there flight to italy you must get through security and steal a
The Great Escape
Collection by Kopy Kap
Best heists.
Monaco tutorials for new players
Collection by Bapabooiee
The recommended order is: 1. Classes and Abilities 2. Weapons and Gear 3. Tips and Tricks Thanks to the respective authors for creating these tutorials!
Solo Trials
Collection by Durgrobach
8 Challenge maps for Speedrun practicing.
Steal The Realism
Collection by Winston Smith
featuring: Palestine Wall, Pulp Fiction Tribute, Red Light District, Dutch Inner Courts and moar
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