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Create and share custom maps and missions for Monaco. All the tools used to build the official campaign missions and stories are available! Click here for a fan's guide to using the in-game editor.
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Monaco Gear Solid BETA
Collection by: Winston Smith
Metal Gear Solid 1 in Monaco style. 1 player maps. Not yet finished.
Monaco Momma Box
Collection by: ☭Social Core™
Just a lil collection m8
Marionette of Monte Carlo
Collection by: Vellaroque
A spin off from the original story, with added OC, narrated partially from the Gentleman's POV. Everything was smooth and comfy for the Gentleman and his crew until a mysterious person came looking for the Gentleman, yet was only willing to communicate ...
The Curse of The Black Diamond
Collection by: weastside target
An upcoming collection of Monaco maps following the story of the cursed Black Diamond of Cairo. What seemed like an easy and lucrative job turned out to be much more of a handfull than this crew could ever imagine. This pack currently includes: Histor...
Puzzle Room I-V
Collection by: (\_/) likes the suffering
A compilation of all Puzzle Room maps. (Including the Corridoor of Time)
Goobertron's Monaco Maps
Collection by: Goobertron
This is a collection of the maps I have created for Monaco. It currently includes a Free For All (FFA) and a 2v2 variation of a balanced and symmetrical PvP map, an open and team oriented survival map, and a simple achievement map. More maps may be added ...
Monaco - RH's PvP Maps
Collection by: RH' Vanquish
A New Enemy
Collection by: Madcat
This is a colection of maps made for the campaign "A New Enemy". New maps will be added as I create more!
Collection by: tik
collection of my maps, play it in order if you want to dwell on the stories. (ice cream -> wine tasting -> teaparty)
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