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Serveur DayZ Exile TC4
Collection by [TC4] Djoe45
Bonjour, nous vous annonçons qu’un serveur Exile zombie ouvre ses porte,  n’hésitez donc pas à venir nous affrontez ou au contraire vous allié à nous. Nous sommes aussi sur le TeamSpeak pour tous renseignement !  A propos du serveur :  Le serveur
[ENG/NOR] | TF Radio | ACE 3 | CBA [Required]
Collection by -sG- Shadreck
You need this package to play on Remember to activate mods in the launcer. To use Task Force Radio please follow THIS guide.
1ST AAF Modpack
Collection by [WO2]BenTheDank[1STAAF]
[ENG/NOR] | TF Radio | ACE 3 | CBA [Optional]
Collection by -sG- Shadreck
This is for those who wants more cosmetics or faster loading times when joining our or others servers ^_^ Since we use Virutal Arsenal ingame, you can use every gear/cosmetics right after you have joined! Just remember to activate them in the Game Laun
Collection by [CDDN] Kaemyll
Collection créée à destination des membres de la Confrérie du Dragon Noir ( La Confrérie du Dragon Noir - Communauté MultiGaming - ), elle consiste en une compilation d'un ensemble de missions coppérative, sél
NIArms Faction Gun Replacers
Collection by [TSS]FrankDaTank1218
These three mods replace default NATO, CSAT, and AAF weapons with NIArms (formerly HLC) weapons. REquires NIArms guns to work. Original creator of the replacers is EduardoCommando of the BIS Forums:
Collection by Felix.Hoegerle (GER)
TheHerbivore's Battle Royal Required Mods
Collection by TheHerbivore
List of mods required to play TheHerbivore's Battle Royal for ARMA 3
Collection by [JTG] Rat
Modpack for the steam mods for the JTG PMC
For Bootyhole Group
Collection by BACON my name is fucking bacon
List of mods to download.
Collection by SEGACHAOTIX
SEG ArmA Collection
Collection by Deathwatch
This is the official ArmA 3 SEG Collection
The Gang Collection
Collection by Gunny
Chaos Elite Crew - Armory Server
Collection by Razor170
Die Mod Kollektion des Armory Server von der Chaos Elite Crew
TFD Vanilla modset
Collection by SHIFTY
A lite modset used by Task Force Dingo for our Vanilla Mission Nights. To find out more about Task Force Dingo please visit our website: or check out our steam group: a
Collection by sniff
Collection by Jossi Wales
Collection by AussieWookie
This is collection contains all you will ever need for REGICIDE Arma 3 missions and is the pack used by the map makers.
War Pig Tactical Group
Collection by Paleolithic Monk
Mods files for our tactical gaming group based in Colorado. A huge THANKS to the creators of the selected mods for their time and talent!
Collection by Schwartzenator
72nd Ranger Reg
Collection by Degause
Dead Island
Collection by DEVIL
Hallo liebe Community! Hier sind die Mods, welche für unseren Arma 3 Exile(DayZ) Server benötigt werden! Der Server befindet sich derzeit noch im Aufbau, daher kann es vereinzelt zu Bugs kommen. Wir sind aber bemüht diese auszubessern.
darkfox solution
Collection by Darkfox13
Hortzy's Mods & Missions
Collection by Hortzy
Collection of mods & missions made by Hortzy
FoH 3rd Ranger Battalion
Collection by Helix
This is a collection of mods for the FoH 3rd Ranger Battalion. Ultimate Soldier Virtual Arsenal USAF
NIArms - ACE Compatibility
Collection by [S2] Still A Lime
All the ACE compatibility patches, one click.
S5xDGaming Mod Collection
Collection by Tyon | S5xDGaming
NIArms - CUP Compatibility
Collection by [S2] Still A Lime
All the CUP compatibility patches, one click.
G3N MODS files
Collection by DEADPOOL_ZA
Hi Guys these are the mods you need to play on our MOD server
Collection by Meatanus
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