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21st SEGAF Mod List
Collection by robdowling96
A list of the mods currently in use by the 21st SEGAF, used in the main mission file, does not include certain mods that other members may use in their own mission files
WmD ArmA3 Mods
Collection by WmD CallMeSarge
Mods for use by WmD clan in ArmA 3 games. This collection is based on what we play.
Iceman's ArmA 3 Realism Collection
Collection by Reki
This mod is necessary to have a fun realistic ACE3/ACRE2 Experience. Th0nx M8
Lt. Blutkrieg's Battlechest
Collection by Lt. Blutkrieg
My Arma 3 Mod Collection
Collection by pewpew
ACE 3 + RHS + Antistasi
Collection by Teloid
On my opinion is one of the best collection for ArmA 3
Arma III Normandy-Company
Collection by Tactic_N7 the Comrade
It's spec. collection for me and my comrade =D
[FR]Built Your Life - RôlePlay|Bêta|AltisLife|Start 85K
Collection by SG1-Legamer68
Thors Hammer
Collection by Benno
These are the required Mods to play Thors Hammer hosted on the CoG Server. Server can be found at: IP Address: Port: 2322
Collection by Diara
Must have Arma 3 mods
Unsere Arma 3 Mods
Collection by BrazzersStaff
DJOtacon Sigma Quadrant
Collection by Dj Otacon
Sigma Quadrant missions
Kebal Space Program Arma 3
Collection by Canapaio
Daniels Milsim Pack
Collection by of Chromosomes
Collection by Bill Red
Servicios publicos de STINFOR
Collection by [STINFOR]Carbono
Collection by Zefro, S
509th Mods
Collection by Martinez Kyle [3-509th IR]
The Steam mods needed for The 3-509th PIR.
A3 Tank Platoon Collection
Collection by MixedupJim
This collection provides a simple way to grab all the supported Steam Workshop addons which greatly enhance the playability of my A3 Tank Platoon mission. The mission generates a fully random mission to lead your tank platoon to attack enemy forces. Ene
101st Airborne Division, 501st Parachute Infantry Division WW2
Collection by WastingFall
Sporical's Arma 3 Modpack
Collection by Sporical
Just the essential mods for friends and I.
Skim Dilks Favies
Collection by Skim Dilk
Shitty mods for a shitty game played by shitty people on shitty computers using shitty internet.
Old Fokkers / WWs Arma3 Collection
Collection by Fawlty
Mods used for online play
OGN Aussie Mods
Collection by Azza276 Gaming
Collection of Mods for the OGN Australian Server. Unfortunately not all mods are on steam and you will need the Bushamster PMV Mod by Pinga from Armaholic Here or [url=
Bavaira pack
Collection by R.Hailstorm
The modpack for the bavarian military
23rd Turtle Regiment
Collection by Priwus
Selection of mods needed for the 23rd Turtle Regiment
Collection by [SGW] Overlord_john
Cooper Clan Arma 3 Modpack
Collection by MrBlik007
Collection by Ávoleï <3
Operation Triton
Collection by [CoG] Perfect
Situation: We have reports of a massive military engagement between Opfor, Nato and Altis Armed Forces being undertaken north west of Syrta on Altis. Details are still coming in but we believe that the focus of this operation is to recover the missing ho
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