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Tips for Marketing on Steam Greenlight

Once you have your game or software up on Steam Greenlight, it’s important to start engaging your community and potential customers, both on Greenlight and on your own sites. Talking about Steam Greenlight on your webpage, Facebook page or Twitter account is a great way to get your fans excited and voting, but just as important is how you present your product in Greenlight. Below are some tips that we’ve assembled from what we’ve seen working and not working in Steam Greenlight so far.

  • Start by posting your game or software in the ‘concepts’ section as early as you can
    • This is valuable for creating a following and getting feedback
  • Post your project in the ‘game’ or ‘software’ section once you have a functional product to show
    • It doesn’t have to be finished, but you should be able to show gameplay or functionality
  • Fine-tune your video
    • The first video that people see should be short
    • Get right to gameplay or functionality
    • Show off the features in a relatively short period of time
    • More than just a tech demo
  • Keep your written description brief
    • The first paragraph should be a pretty concise summary
    • Explain what is unique about your game or software
    • You can then go into greater detail if you wish
  • Use the announcement feature
    • Talk to your fans and keep them up to date with progress and milestones
    • Anyone who has marked your submission as a favorite will see your announcements in their ‘friends activity feed’