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When we launched the Workshop late in 2011, we expected that it would grow, but not that it would grow this much, this quickly. So far, the total payments made to individuals for the creation of in-game items sold in Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have passed $57 million. This money was earned by over 1,500 contributors spread out across 75 countries.

New Curated Workshops
The limitation of paid, revenue-generating Workshops to Valve content has been an unfortunate consequence of the sheer number of challenges required in order to scale to a global audience of creators and players. Today we're happy to announce that after a ton of work, the first curated Workshops for non-Valve games have opened: Dungeon Defenders: Eternity and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

This is really exciting news and means that more high quality content will be available for the game you love playing. Plus, purchases of this great new content directly enables those community members to continue practicing their craft and making more awesome content.

We expect more curated Workshops to become available for creators and players in various games over the coming weeks and months.

Introducing Revenue Tools For Workshop Authors
The Workshop has continued to grow and a larger number of contributors are now earning revenue from more pieces of content in a wider variety of games. To help answer questions about where revenue is coming from, we're also launching a set of new tools that enable contributors to view real-time sales data for their items as well as view detailed per-item revenue breakdowns and historical statements.

Once you have content accepted into a paid, curated Workshop, you'll see a link to "View Your Revenue" from your "My Workshop Files" page. If you don't have any content accepted yet, now's a great time to get involved!

We just released an update for the Steam Workshop that adds a voting queue for item selection and a new home page for each Workshop to highlight cool content.

New Voting Queue
Workshops for games such as Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive include a type of items that players vote on to help determine which items can get accepted and made available for use in the game.

Workshops with these types of items now have a voting queue, similar to the queue in Greenlight or on the Steam home page. This queue will make it easy to discover new and interesting items to vote on, and will help the game teams get a better measure of community interest on the variety of items being considered for use in the game.

New Home Pages For Every Workshop
Each product Workshop now has a new home page design, helping to highlight the most interesting content in the Workshop, and to also better expose a variety of ways to browse the Workshop. With this new home page, customers can now more easily see mods, maps, or items created by authors they follow, see what their friends are marking as favorites, and read about recent Workshop news from the game teams.

This new home page also provides space for games to run special events such as themed contests, or to highlight new types of content supported by their Workshop.

This update has automatically applied to all games and software with a Steam Workshop, so just check out your favorite Workshop to see these new features.

Other changes:
  • Added views for most popular items over trailing three-months, six-months, and year. This only applies to ready-to-use content such as mods and maps.
  • Adding tabs lists to the home page for ready-to-use items. These lists include a new 'Most Subscribed' list as well as 'Most Popular' and 'Most Recent'.
  • Adding larger voting controls to item voting to support the voting queue.
  • Removing comment threads from the main page for items to be voted on. Giant ASCII art is now relegated to the 'comment' tab on each Workshop item.
  • Hiding star ratings on items to be voted on to help avoid biased voting.

Today we celebrate the milestone of having 100 games utilizing the Steam Workshop for sharing user generated content in the Steam Community. That is, 100 plus the nine more titles that added support for Steam Workshop while we were busy writing this announcement. So, here you are with 109 opportunities to share your creative energy with the community by creating custom mods or items, or to share in the excitement of others and customize your games.

Each of the 109 titles use the Steam Workshop in different ways, such as for sharing maps, in-game items, custom scenarios, full game conversions, character skins, new game modes, spells, puzzles, quests, characters, language packs, and much, much more. This is all player-driven, where you can create custom game modifications or content for your favorite game and share it with the community.

You can see the full list of products on the Steam Workshop home page:

Some Numbers
Over 1,100,000 maps, items, and mods have been posted to the Steam Workshop. This includes everything from custom maps in Civilization V and Monaco to custom in-game items for titles such as Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2.

Over 12 Million gamers have played a modded game or played on custom maps found through the Steam Workshop.

Each of those 12 Million gamers have downloaded an average of 57 items from the Workshop, such as custom maps, weapons, game rules, full conversions, or other modifications.

The Steam Workshop has served nearly 700 Million downloads to date.

Gamers have voted over 32 Million times on items in the Workshop, with 90% of those being up-votes.
Within the past two weeks, another six products have added integration with the Steam Workshop, bringing us to a total of 99 Workshops in Steam! Below are the most recent additions to the Steam Workshop with a bit of information on how each one is utilizing the Workshop for sharing user generated content.

Beat Hazard is already a pretty customized game, letting you fly a spaceship through your own library of music. But now you can build and share your own custom spaceships in the Steam Workshop. Or pick from one of the over 700 custom ships already shared by the community.

The Door Kickers Workshop hosts custom maps, equipment, weapons, and other mods made by the community. Players were clearly interested in seeing more variety of weapons in the game, and Workshop contributors have delivered, providing a couple dozen new options to pick from.

Clickteam Fusion is using the Steam Workshop to share tutorials and bits of source code to help game creators learn and build their own experiences.

The Starpoint Gemini 2 Workshop includes various mods, ranging from a simple text change to complete game world conversions.

The Insurgency workshop, currently in beta, allows you to download custom maps that you can play in your own private games or on game servers running these maps.

Secrets of Rætikon Workshop supports custom levels, mods, total conversions, and even your own games with the powerful editor of Secrets of Raetikon. Share your creations with other players and enjoy what others have built.
It's been a busy past few weeks, with new games adding creative integration with the Steam Workshop faster than we can keep track of. So, it's time to do a quick round-up to highlight the popular new additions.

This Grand Strategy game lets players modify almost any aspect of the game. Already there are over 250 custom rules, events, localizations, buildings, and maps.

The Workshop for the official game of the U.S. Army focuses on map making, and the result is quite a few top-notch mapping projects by community members.

Do you want a flying goat? Do you want a completely new map? The developers of Goat Simulator released their dev tools along with the game, allowing the community to make just about anything related to goats. Includes goat pinball, exploding goats, and of course, steerable jet packs.

With an in-game map maker, this RPG makes it quick and easy to create custom maps to share with the community. Or try out some of the creative works of other fans.

The side-scrolling strategy game Cortex Command was built for modding, and the community has wasted no time in creating dozens of items, vehicles, scenes, and game modes to play with.

This turn-based strategy game of fantasy warfare provides a powerful editor, allowing for great flexibility in making maps, editing quests, create scenarios, and modifying many aspects of the game.

In a game about swords, it only makes sense that their Workshop lets you create your own custom blades. In fact, the community has already made over 160 unique and creative sword designs. Additionally, you can check out the dozens of custom masks available.