Broadcast & watch VR games on Steam

May 4 - christen

You can now show your VR games to friends using Steam Broadcasting. To start a broadcast, invite a friend to watch from the Dashboard, or accept a friend's incoming request by pressing the System button when you receive the notification.

To learn more about Steam Broadcasting, visit

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April 5 - Chet

We are excited to announce the Vive by HTC is launching today along with over 50 titles on Steam including Valve's The Lab.

We have an overview of VR on Steam available here going into more detail.

The videos featured on the page use mixed reality to help show what the games are like in VR. A big thanks to Colin Northway from Northway Games who popularized this method of demonstrating VR. We now support this method in our Unity plugin and you can find more info in this post. It is a great way to show your game and how players interact with your worlds.

We also want to give a shout out to Alex Schwartz from Owlchemy Labs who has been a giant resource to developers everywhere this past year.

And thanks to all the developers working on Virtual Reality to help make this day happen. We look forward to sharing all of your work with the world.

Introducing two new SteamVR features

March 23 - Programmer Joe
Today SteamVR is gaining two new features: The Steam Desktop Overlay and a Steam Workshop for SteamVR backgrounds. These should appear for everyone who opts-in to the Steam Client Beta and the SteamVR Beta.

The Steam Desktop overlay displays the contents of your desktop in the VR Dashboard. There are many occasions in VR when you need to see what’s going on with your computer but don’t want to take off the headset to do it. With the desktop overlay your desktop appears on a giant virtual screen and you can navigate and click with your Vive controllers.

This overlay tab is built into Steam, so all you have to do is run SteamVR and press the system button on a Vive controller to see it.

In addition, there is now a workshop to allow you to share SteamVR backgrounds with other users. Create backgrounds using the Lat Long (aka equirectangular) format and upload them via the workshop option in the SteamVR menu. Other SteamVR users can then rate and download your images to change the appearance of the SteamVR background.

Once you’ve downloaded a background, you can select it easily using settings in the VR Dashboard.

SteamVR Developer Roundtable discussions

March 4 - Chet
As we prepare for the next set of reveals and announcements to the SteamVR catalog in a few weeks at GDC, we wanted to share with you a few videos from our Developer Showcase last month. Besides showing their content, we sat down with the developers to talk about the experience of working on VR and what they have learned.

The first group is Justin Liebregts (Cloudlands Minigolf), Andy Moore (Fantastic Contraption), Dylan Fitterer (Audioshield), Richard Stitselaar (Arizona Sunshine), Dave Walsh (Elite Dangerous), and Joachim Holmér (Budget Cuts).

The second group is Alex Schwartz (Job Simulator), John Nagel (Final Approach), Dirk Van Welden (Space Pirate Trainer), Patrick Hackett (Tilt Brush), Denny Unger (The Gallery), and Alex Knoll (Hover Junkers).

Vive Pre Orders are Live!

February 29 - Chet

Starting right now – you can pre order your Vive directly from HTC. The first shipments will begin shipping on Tuesday April 5th.

Included is a complete VR solution, Vive includes two wireless VR controllers, room scale movement, a full 360° of tracking, and an HMD featuring a built-in camera. In addition to the VR system, and for a limited time, those who pre order will also receive a free copy of three new VR titles: Tilt Brush from Google, Fantastic Contraption from Northway and Radial Games, and Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives from Owlchemy Labs.

Vive is the first SteamVR system, giving it the backing of full integration with Steam itself. You can check out the current catalog on Steam and keep checking back as it will keep expanding as we get closer to launch.

Wondering if your PC is ready for VR? Take the Steam VR Performance Test to find out.

To learn more about Steam VR and even check out the manual on how to setup your own kit when it arrives, visit the SteamVR Support Page and keep checking back here.