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Elder Sign: Omens
Explore Alaska on the Trail of Ithaqua
September 12, 2013 - Fantasy Flight Games

A sinister force has laid siege to a team of archaeologists in the heart of Alaska. Among these beleaguered souls is your friend and colleague, Dr. Ashley Lott, who has sent a message begging for your help.

Since the museum has been invaded by intruders, there are no Elder Signs to be gathered in the first phase of the game. The focus of this stage of the campaign is instead on procuring supplies in the museum. Supplies are won by completing adventures, or they can be purchased with trophies. Make sure you’ve gathered a sufficient stockpile before setting out on a rescue mission to Alaska!
Once in the frozen north, one unit of supplies is used every time an investigator takes his turn. When the supplies run out, your brave investigators are steadily drained of Stamina at the beginning of each turn as they languish from starvation and exposure in the unforgiving wilderness! Despite these brutal conditions, your team must gather Elder Signs, which represent the journey toward Dr. Lott’s last known location.

As your investigators search for Elder Signs, they will contend with the horrible hazards of Ithaqua’s Icy Winds. These strange and malicious storms can come upon hapless investigators undertaking any adventure marked with a snowstorm, and will often result in a terrible penalty. Story Effects occur as Dr. Lott’s guide leads your desperate team ever deeper into the frozen wasteland; will they locate a hidden cache of supplies in the hunting cabin, or will they fall prey to a monstrous grizzly bear at the abandoned mine? And once they find Ithaqua, will they have what it takes to best him in a thrilling, final battle?