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Elder Sign: Omens
October 4, 2013 - Fantasy Flight Games

Based on fan feedback, we are pleased to offer all of the expansion content (The Call of Cthulhu, The Trail of Ithaqua and The Dark Pharaoh) as part of one, all-inclusive edition of Elder Sign: Omens especially for Steam!

With a projected price of $15.99, Elder Sign: Omens offers hours of tense and suspenseful gameplay. 

Start your investigations by preventing the emergence of Azathoth, the demon god of the unnamable void. For an even greater challenge, travel to the South Pacific to stop the dreaded Cthulhu or join an expedition to Alaska in The Trail of Ithaqua. Finally, discover the archeological finding of a lifetime and stop the return of Nyarlathotep in The Dark Pharaoh.

Help us bring the horrors of Elder Sign: Omens to Steam by voting ‘yes’, and prepare yourself to battle the Ancient Ones all across the dark corners of the world!

September 12, 2013 - Fantasy Flight Games

Pack your bags and head to Egypt in The Dark Pharaoh, a new three-part campaign. The museum in Arkham has recently acquired the Shining Trapezohedron, an artifact of otherworldly origin. Egyptologist Dr. Charles Pratley has reached out to you from the deserts of Egypt, requesting you bring the trapezohedron to him, as he believes it to be the key to unlocking an undiscovered tomb. Intrigued, you agree, and the journey to Egypt begins…with the trapezohedron and a team of investigators in tow!

The first stage takes place in Cairo, while you await the arrival of Dr. Pratley. You and your investigators have two days to gather equipment and recruit allies to aid you on your expedition.

Completing adventures in the streets of Cairo helps you gain valuable items and spells, while friendly and helpful new faces may be persuaded to join your team. Allies, new in the Dark Pharaoh campaign, can be recruited by successfully completing adventures with the Ally icon. Once recruited, they will travel with you and provide your team with much needed assistance in exchange for trophies.

Once you have assembled your team of investigators in Cairo you must trek across the desert in order to find the Bent Pyramid. But the desert is a harsh, unforgiving landscape. The beating sun and windswept sands make progress through the dunes difficult, while nasty Nile crocodiles, living mummies and other malignant entities threaten your team in over sixty-five new adventures.

Should you and your team successfully complete your journey to the Necropolis, your next task is to navigate the darkness and twisting tunnels of the underground maze to locate the tomb of Nephren-Ka. Will you be up to the task? Or will your long and dusty trek end in death and disaster beneath the pyramids of Egypt?

September 12, 2013 - Fantasy Flight Games

A sinister force has laid siege to a team of archaeologists in the heart of Alaska. Among these beleaguered souls is your friend and colleague, Dr. Ashley Lott, who has sent a message begging for your help.

Since the museum has been invaded by intruders, there are no Elder Signs to be gathered in the first phase of the game. The focus of this stage of the campaign is instead on procuring supplies in the museum. Supplies are won by completing adventures, or they can be purchased with trophies. Make sure you’ve gathered a sufficient stockpile before setting out on a rescue mission to Alaska!
Once in the frozen north, one unit of supplies is used every time an investigator takes his turn. When the supplies run out, your brave investigators are steadily drained of Stamina at the beginning of each turn as they languish from starvation and exposure in the unforgiving wilderness! Despite these brutal conditions, your team must gather Elder Signs, which represent the journey toward Dr. Lott’s last known location.

As your investigators search for Elder Signs, they will contend with the horrible hazards of Ithaqua’s Icy Winds. These strange and malicious storms can come upon hapless investigators undertaking any adventure marked with a snowstorm, and will often result in a terrible penalty. Story Effects occur as Dr. Lott’s guide leads your desperate team ever deeper into the frozen wasteland; will they locate a hidden cache of supplies in the hunting cabin, or will they fall prey to a monstrous grizzly bear at the abandoned mine? And once they find Ithaqua, will they have what it takes to best him in a thrilling, final battle?

September 11, 2013 - Fantasy Flight Games

This new campaign presents an engaging and challenging two-part narrative, along with new adventures, items, Investigators, monsters, and game mechanics!

Beginning in the familiar setting of Arkham’s mysterious museum, your team of investigators must search for clues surrounding an ominous pattern of break-ins that plague their troubled New England city. Something is compelling inhuman intruders to steal ancient relics from the museum’s mysterious exhibits, and only by determining their true motives can you move on to the game’s second stage. But can you learn the truth before your enemies complete their terrible objective?

Should your team survive the campaign’s first grueling chapter, their search will lead them to the South Pacific, the fabled location of the lost city of R'lyeh. From the deck of the merchant steamer Ultima Thule and armed only with an antediluvian amulet of unknown origins, you must quickly search for R’lyeh’s true location so that you might prevent the coming of Cthulhu and the utter destruction of humanity.

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