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14 juillet 2014 - Draknek

Hi everyone, thanks for the interest and sorry for such a long wait!

We've finally got a Steam release date: July 21st. Just another week to wait! I hope you enjoy the game.


18 septembre 2013 - wanderlands

Hello friends! We have some really exciting news.

Sokobond has been released for PC, Mac, and Linux.

That's right - you can get your hands on the game now and experience the splendour and majesty of our devious chemistry based puzzles for yourself!

Visit www.sokobond.com to purchase the game. Thank you so much for your continued support.

With Love,

Harry and Alan

14 avril 2013 - wanderlands

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out and supporting our game. We know we haven't been very timely with updates or news, sorry about that - we've been busy quitting a fulltime job and travelling the world (Alan), studying medicine and running game events (Harry), all the while working on Sokobond.

The game's really coming together: we've honed the mechanics and progression, culled levels to give you the very best headscratchers with no fluff, and added refined touches of juice while retaining our clean, minimalist style. We can't wait to show you the awesome results.

Not convinced by our admittedly extremely enigmatic teaser trailer? Here's some empirical data from our experiments (aka quotes from people who have playtested Sokobond):

  • It’s quite rare to find a game that encourages you to learn a subject this… formal without pushing the requirement in your face or letting it in any way detract from the gameplay.
    -Ardjuna Seghers (Trusted Reviews)

  • Do you like the periodic table of elements? Then you should probably play Sokobond... Whatever works for you. -Tom Bramwell (Eurogamer)

  • There are elements of Sokoban, mixed up with SCIENCE, creating what I think would make just about the best imaginable tool for teaching year 8/9 chemistry students the complexities of covalent bonding. -John Walker (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)

  • This game... makes me want to stab myself. -Zach Barth (SpaceChem)
We hope you continue to keep an ear to the ground for more Sokobond updates - we'll be announcing some exciting stuff in the next three months.

Kind Regards,


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