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Talisman Digital Edition
21 de Junho de 2013 - Nomad

We've posted an update about the development of DE on our website, HERE[]

It includes a look at some updated adventure cards and a great new Play Area feature.

29 de Maio de 2013 - Nomad

OK, here it is! Video of Talisman DE Multiplayer Game, Work In Progress (WIP). Super excited! This is shaping up to be a very involved game with four players. Loads of strategy going on. Just watch what happens in this short clip. Every game is a complete adventure. Works with you versus AI, four players or mix of AI and players. Online, wifi and pass-to-play :O)

In the meantime, it's a good idea to get as many people playing Talisman Prologue as possible, the number 1 charting forerunner to Talisman DE (available on PC, Android, Apple, Kindle and Blackberry). Start building your community now! Doesn't matter which platform because we aim to get cross-platform play working.

Keep an eye on this page for more news!

20 de Maio de 2013 - Nomad

Remember, this is for Prologue, not the multiplayer version we are promoting here!

"Game of the Week" - Pocket Gamer

4/5 -

"Many have tried and many have failed, butTalisman Prologue gets it right" - Appstorm

"Talisman:Prologue looks and feels great." - 148apps

"Everything from dice rolls to performing various in-game actions looks and feels authentic." - 148apps

"...can’t recommend it enough and I’m happy to have Talisman once again take a prominent role in my gaming life..." - Pockettactics 4/5

"This is a crisp, snappy game that does justice to the original Talisman" - Slide2Play

4/5 An excellent nostalgic romp -

"The simple fact is, Talisman Prologue might be one of the finest examples of getting exactly what you pay for" - Modojo 5/5

"Excellent though the gameplay and presentation of Talisman Prologue is, the most remarkable thing about the game is how accessible it is to players of all levels of experience." - Modojo

23 de Abril de 2013 - Nomad

Hey everyone.
If things look slightly different to what you remember, it's because they are! We've made the decision to take Prologue down from Greenlight for several reasons -

1) Most people REALLY wanted multiplayer Talisman, rather than single player.
2) Prologue seemed to have gained as many votes as it was going to and wasn't progressing through Greenlight anymore.
3) Prologue is available from our website so it doesn't really make sense to have it on here too.
4) We wanted just one place for people to vote, rather than splitting it over two products, which is more confusing.

So, a vote YES on this page is a vote for MULTIPLAYER TALISMAN.

If you've already voted on this page, then thank you! If you originally voted for Talisman Digital Edition then you need to vote again on this page if it lets you.

Apologies for any confusion. We hope you all agree that this is more suitable to what everyone wants and we hope you all support us!

Nomad Games

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