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Day One : Garry's Incident
9th place! Wow!
26 de Febrero, 2013 - Stephane

Thanks for your support and continu to follow us!

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Politicalcoffee 1 de Mar, 2013 a las 16:22 
Game looks insane..... can't wait
[D.E.R.F] Rowsdower! 28 de Feb, 2013 a las 12:08 
Congratz guys!! Can't wait to play your game!
Stephane 28 de Feb, 2013 a las 6:25 
Good! Thanks for the advice Lolozaur! I will try.
Lolozaur 28 de Feb, 2013 a las 1:41 
and edit you would probably get 25k-30k entries and many of those ppl would probably vote for it and this way would know about your game
Lolozaur 28 de Feb, 2013 a las 1:37 
you can talk with the owners of the site and do a dev giveaway for some copies 50 or 100 or something like that and the winners will receive keys(game needs key when you install it i guess?); those would work on steam when it arrives on steam; thats how many devs did it so far @ steamgifts, its a good way of making advertising
Stephane 27 de Feb, 2013 a las 17:25 
Lolozaur: Not sure to understant? How we can do a Steamgift when our game is not on Steam?
Lolozaur 27 de Feb, 2013 a las 10:01 
needs more advertising, maybe a dev giveaway on steamgifts would do a lot of good
Wolfborn8 26 de Feb, 2013 a las 21:25 
Congrats guys! Hope to see you on Steam in the next batch ;)
|AUR|Digitalbullet 26 de Feb, 2013 a las 20:18 
^^^^^ same!
[= ClayMeow =] 26 de Feb, 2013 a las 19:22 
Congrats! Though I wish that meant you were in today's greenlit batch :(