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Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush is now available!
6 gennaio 2014 - Ironhide Game Studio

What a great day for our Studio :)

Kingdom Rush is available NOW on Steam with 25% off!

Don't miss it:

Thank you all for your great support! We hope you enjoy it!

We have a lot more coming soon ;)

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43 commenti
[RR-Mr_JimWest 12 apr 2014, ore 9:55 
I can't belive I used to play this for free...
Guzma 14 gen 2014, ore 19:45 
Your so awesome
BlackTeGSS 12 gen 2014, ore 20:20 
Blind Messiah 10 gen 2014, ore 5:11 
wow, full hd graphics. such pc&mac. available now. much content unlocked. wow, no dlc's. wow.
-- 9 gen 2014, ore 21:29 
Wishlisted :( i can dream to own this game at least...
Äߊ†®ÅχÎØη 9 gen 2014, ore 0:50 
Well done, it's a very fun game :)
Lorde Karkiri 8 gen 2014, ore 15:02 
god finaly this version wiil be amazing, please crate more aditional content son
Deker 8 gen 2014, ore 12:04 
Already complete it, amazing game.
Hmmt 8 gen 2014, ore 8:31 
Amazing. Congratulations :)
ybraks 8 gen 2014, ore 6:38 
Great game