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Kingdom Rush
2013. július 1. - Ironhide Game Studio

Hello everyone!

We at Ironhide wanted to apologize, for the lack of feedback/activity on the Steam community, there isn't really an excuse, we just have been super busy with all that is going on: Frontiers, Steam, Flash, etc... and learning to run a company. Still being a small team, I guess we can get overflowed with all that is going on and that led to a lot less (or total lack of) activity on all our community channels, emails, forum activity, etc.

We just want to let everyone know that Steam is still a priority for us (although it is going a bit slower than expected) and that we really love the Steam community, in fact most of us are steam users. We will publish an update pretty soon with the progress on the Steam version.

We want to thank you all for the patience and the constant support, and know that we totally understand you and will try to be more involved with the community (as we should have) from now on.

Best regards,
The Ironhide team!

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48 megjegyzés
|200573|2 2013. aug. 20., 10:35 
Waiting patiently
Titus 2013. aug. 2., 19:32 
cheer up ! keep going !
Shakiro 2013. aug. 1., 11:39 
I really want to play this!
allyhaert 2013. júl. 31., 18:18 
Can't wait! Thanks for the update, looking forward to the release,
Jakku 2013. júl. 31., 14:12 
Wander 2013. júl. 22., 15:38 
I need this game to be released already! I need more Kingdom Rush!
IcantWin 2013. júl. 18., 22:48 
Thank god, I've been really excited to see this in development since there hasn't been any word on Frontiers being available anywhere other than iOS. Keep up the good work guys you have my support no matter what!
TheCatNipper 2013. júl. 18., 16:55 
This will be so awesome to play
Zito 2013. júl. 16., 9:38 
So excited for this game! Can't wait guys.
Bourbon Kid 2013. júl. 15., 11:10 
thx for the update. take your time, guys. quality is prio