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Platformers, Puzzles and Anything inbetween: Danaroth's picks
Steam has Greenlit 100 titles, including almost everyone of the top titles of this collection
August 28, 2013 - Danaroth

In an unexpected twist of events, Valve just greenlit a bunch of amazing titles, including the following from my collection:
And this one from a previous batch or extra suggestions:

Greenlit games from this collection:
- A Hat in Time
- A Walk in the Dark
- Anodyne
- Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils
- Constant C
- Escape Goat
- Evoland
- Flightless
- Flyn'n
- Freedom Planet
- Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
- Gravi
- In Verbis Virtus
- Incredipede
- Knytt Underground
- La-Mulana
- Legend of Iya
- Mutant Mudds
- No Time to Explain
- Oniken
- Rogue Legacy
- Shantae: Risky's Revenge
- Shovel Knight
- Teslagrad
Greenlit guest featured games:
- Bleed
- Cognition: An Erica Reed's Thriller
- Delver's Drop
- Gray Matter