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Platformers, Puzzles and Anything inbetween: Danaroth's picks
Anodyne sale: 1USD [Ended]
February 16, 2013 - Danaroth

I figured I could use this feature to notify about sales of games that are included in this list.
Currently Anodyne is undergoing a promotional sale on through Humble Store, selling for a minimum of 1USD. A Desura key is included in the purchase and you will receive a Steam key if greenlit.

Edit: This sale ha ended

Also Oozi: Earth Adventure is included in the current IndieRoyale Valentine 2.0 bundle, available at

Previously been on deep sale:
- Anodyne on Humble Store
- BasketBelle in IndieRoyale's "Harvest Bundle"
- Bunny Must Die in IndieRoyale's "Back To School Bundle"
- Cute Things Dying Violently in IndieRoyale's "Back To School Bundle" and "IndieGala Mobile 2"
- DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder on IndieGamestand
- Eriy's Action in Groupees' "Build a Greenlight Bundle"
- Escape Goat in IndieRoyale's "The June Bug Bundle" and on IndieGameStand
- KRUNCH on IndieGameStand
- La-Mulana in Groupees' "Build a Greenlight Bundle" and on Playism
- Love+ on IndieGameStand
- Mutant Mudds in "Harvest Bundle"
- No Time to Explain on developers' website
- Oniken on IndieRoyale's "July Jubilee Bundle" and on IndieGameStand
- Oozi in Groupees' "Build a Greenlight Bundle" and IndieRoyale's "Valentine's Bundle 2.0"
- Out There Somewhere in a special Greenlight Bundle
- Potatoman seeks the troof in "The Greenlight Bundle #3"
- Starlaxis on "The Greenlight Bundle #2"
- Vitrum in Groupees' "Build a Bundle 4" and on IndieGameStand