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February 16, 2017 - UltimateWalrus

Hey everyone! Even though Trike was posted like five years ago (and first prototyped about 20 years ago), I just want to make sure everyone knows I'm doing a big push to get it complete and released. It looks completely different from when it got greenlit - I have upped the resolution and added fancy shaders to give it a sort of 80's, laser light show, photoshop bevel effect aesthetic.

You can watch the progress on Twitter, or, if you just want to be notified when I release it, subscribe to my mailing list[]! Thanks!

January 4, 2015 - UltimateWalrus

Hi everyone! I couldn't believe it when I checked my inbox and saw that Trike has been Greenlit, two years after I posted it! This is great news, and definitely means I'll be doing my best to finish the game and put it up on Steam! In addition, I'll have to figure out how to send a free Steam key to everyone who participated in the giveaway back when I first posted Trike.

Unfortunately, it may take a while! In the two years since I posted Trike, I actually got a different game through Greenlight, Beat Bros. Beat Bros is a bigger game and right now it takes priority --- but Trike will definitely be coming to Steam someday, thanks to all of you!

April 5, 2014 - UltimateWalrus

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not updating Trike as I know a lot of people are excited for the full version. I wasn't able to prioritize it because it didn't get greenlit, and wound up moving onto another project which seemed more likely to "pick up steam": Beat Bros!

Please vote for Beat Bros on Steam Greenlight!!

Worth noting: if Beat Bros gets greenlit, I'll very likely be able to finish Trike soon as well. My dream is to be able to make a living working on my own games, including Trike, and getting Beat Bros onto Steam could very well give me the financial independance I need to make finishing Trike soon a possibility.

Part Smash Bros, part roguelike, and part rhythm game, Beat Bros is a wildly unique, chaotic battle game for 1-4 players, from the maker of Trike (me)! Please upvote us on greenlight! If you want you can even get the game at (it's on sale for over 50% off)!!


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