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Retrobooster Playable Demo for Windows and Linux
28 de noviembre de 2012 - Mogumbo

I just posted the first playable demo for Retrobooster at http://www.reallyslick.com/retrobooster/downloads.html

Retrobooster is still far from being finished, but there is enough material for this demo. I'll make improvements to the demo as development continues.

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4 comentarios
KORR 5 dic. 2012 a las 18:11 
krayzkrok 30 nov. 2012 a las 8:13 
I've only had a quick play around with it so far, but you've captured that Oids feel exceptionally well. Piloting the ship felt like getting back on a bike. Can't wait to explore it further.
Mogumbo 29 nov. 2012 a las 9:16 
Awesome! Let me know what you think...
krayzkrok 29 nov. 2012 a las 7:41 
Looking forward to trying it out!