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Reduction: The Alien Swarm Campaign
Omega Station, come in... (Reduction Has Been Greenlit!)
April 24, 2014 - XFunc_CaRteR

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Any callsign, come in... We are a transport inbound. ETA 60 hours. Come in, over.

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Any callsign, any callsign, come in... Over...

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Who is this?

[INSLOGVEH-7348_Leviathan]: Good to hear you. We are a longhaul transport, inbound from the Outer Systems. Interstellar Logistics Vehicle 7348: the "Leviathan".

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Uhhh... Leviathan. Wait, out.


[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Callsign, can you identify yourself? We've had a hell of a run. Taken heavy damage in transit, so we're limping in. Expect to dock at Omega Station in approximately 60 hours, over.

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Leviathan, what's your situation? What do you carry?

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: We lost most of our cargo. We also have an ODM infantry squad on board. We need some assistance, over.

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Uhhh... This is... Look... Did you just say you have a Marine squad on board?

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Yes... Who is this?

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: What is their condition? Are they wounded? Do they have weapons?

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: They're in rotation out of theatre, but they're in theta sleep. However, our ship has sustained damage. We need assistance. Over.


[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Callsign, please identify yourself...


[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Unknown callsign, where is traffic control? Come in, Omega Station...Over...


[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Leviathan, I am Dropship "BigDog". I'll fill you in on our situation later. Right now, I need you to divert course. I say again: divert from your present course. Will send coordinates for rendezvous. Meet me there. Out.


Reduction has been Greenlit.

Stay tuned for developments...

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